[MAG] February 2011

In the February release of [MAG] you’ll find stories on Huub Smit, Ryan Claus in Scotland, rollTogether in Eindhoven, an Uden park report and many good pictures!

[MAG] September

This is the MAG of September with a Bas Berghuis profile, the Streetmaster report and many many more.

[MAG]: A new online rollerblading magazine from the Netherlands

The idea of a free online magazine came to mind, which we started in January 2010. Holland has had some magazines in the past (I mainly refer to Funbox but there have been others), but not anymore for some years now. There are several nice free online magazines now, but none of them show the real potential of the Dutch rollerblading scene.

[MAG] Magazine Issue #3

Paul Pelle and Ralf van der Kerkhof just released the latest and third issue of the Dutch Rollerblading Magazine, entitled [MAG]. This issue is jam-packed with some nice stories, reviews, pictures and some other great content. Take a peek down here.