Lucas Landthaler Barcelona 2012 Edit by Wolfgang Appelt

Lucas Landthaler isn't only passionate about rebuilding old Mercedes cars, he's also a very skilled blader. Check this edit by Wolfgang Appelt from the crew's one week long Barcelona vacation. Filmed by Wolfgang Appelt, Axel Betz, Harry Can and Yannik Uber.

Grindhouse in Barcelona: Timm Kittlitz

In the summer of 2011 my mates from Grindhouse told me they wanted to do a tour again, and of course I wanted to be part of it. It's very special to meet up with the team and hang out for more than a week, as you always learn a lot about yourself and about the others on tour with you.

Team Canada at WNS Barcelona

If you ever make it to Barcelona this summer, hopefully you´ll be able to attend a Wednesday Night Skate session at the Forum Skatepark. Here´s a few quick clips from last nights session from our current roster of Team Canada: Richie Eisler, Dustin Werbeski, Kevin Chow and visiting Canadian Taylor Ritchie. See you next Wednesday!

Grindhouse in Barcelona: Alex Rudolf

First of all, it has been like a year since our a great tour. At first, it was uncertain if we’d even be able to go or not. But, we lucked out and everything came together to make tour and the Try to Roll Contest happen in 2011 for us. Kicking it off, we headed straight to BCN.

The Barcelona Sessions IV

2011 and the Powerhouse are now just memories in our mind. The Conference and the Powerhouse studios remind us how awesome it was. Here's the fourth and final video installment of the Barcelona Sessions. Shot and cut by Mr. Richie Eisler with music from M83 and Wye Oak.

4 Days in Barcelona by Ronan Algalarrondo

Matthieu Dosso, Greg Breger, Julien Joubert, Thomas Joly, and Ronan Algalarrondo went on a four day trip to Barcelona, Spain. While they were in Barca, they skated the streets and laced some pretty sweet powerblading tricks. Hit play and check out this edit covered in a sweet vibe! Enjoy.

5 Days In Barcelona with Guillaume le Gentil and Friends by Greg Myrzoyan

Barcelona edits are always a pleasure to watch. This one, edited by Greg Myrzoyan and featuring Guillaume le Gentil, Jeremy Suarez and Timmy van Rixtel, gives you a beautiful insight of a skaters trip to Barca. The vibe is awesome, the food delicious and the spots, as always, are epic. Enjoy these 8 minutes of blading under the warm sun of Spain!

The Barcelona Sessions III: Skitchin’

it's The Barcelona Sessions III, another window into our world. Just like the original Barcelona Sessions, or is it? If you are looking for more foot maneuvers and switch-ups, this game is not for you. -Richie Eisler

Grindhouse in Barcelona: Maik Lojewski

For this years Grindhouse trip I had something different in mind as what we did in the past years. I didn’t want to tour through Europe, but spend a few days in the mecca of our sport and have a good time there without having the stress of driving the car from one city to another.

Scottish Rolling in Barcelona Part 2

This is part 2 of this years trip to Barcelona from Scottish Rolling. Skating by Graeme Forbes, Scott Riddles, Chris Goldie, James Keyte, Neil Forbes, and David Cowie. The footage is from their fifth and sixth day of skating. There is a third edit coming up, so keep your eyes out.

The Dutch in Barcelona

This summer the Thisissoul Team gathered a couple of friends from Holland and they decided it was time to head to Barcelona and tear up the place. They rented an apartment for two weeks and quickly started searching for the best spots. Easy as they are found in the skaters walhalla, the boys turn out to have some great sessions! Find out in Thijs Tel's edit.

Grindhouse Tour 2011 in Barcelona #1 – Sacha Lopez

Every single year the Grindhouse team embarks upon a road tour. This year's tour took the German Grindhouse team to Europe's rolling mecca, Barcelona. There, the crew consisting of Sacha Lopez, Daniel Prell, Maik Lojewski, Timm Kittlitz, Alex Rudolf and Daniel Gourski destroyed every obstacle and party place in their path. You know the deal: When the Grindhouse is on tour, madness is the daily routine. Here you can peep the first part of the "Grindhouse Tour 2011 in Barcelona"-series featuring Sacha Lopez. Sacha injured his hands some days before the tour, but obviously this didn't hold him back.