David Sizemore at the Pow Wow

David Sizemore is one of the most respected Rollerbladers on the scene today, best known for his super steady skating and his technical prowess. You definitely wanna see this one! Filmed and edity by Jason Reyna! Great job!

Bitter Cold Showdown Edit: Official Be-Mag Edit by Hawke Trackler

Hawke Trackler is at it again and brings us the first official Be-Mag edit of the 2013 Bittercold Showdown. Showcasing the best of the best with CJ Wellsmore, Wake Schepman, Roman Abrate, Chris Haffey, Julian Bah, Montre Livingston, David Sizemore, Victor Arias, Jeph Howard and others. Camera by Hawke Trackler and Sam DeAngelis.

Julian Bah Adapt Edit

JBah joined forces with Adapt nine months ago, here's his first full lenght edit skating a pair of Vegans! Shot by Chris Smith, David Sizemore, David Jacobi, and Nunnally Rawson, cut by Ivan Yavtushenko, and Julian Bah.

‘Pariah’ Montage

KC Roche, Adam Exline, Kruise Sapstein, Andrew Jacuzzi, David Sizemore, Chris Dafick, and Travis Rhodes hold it down in this part from Pariah.