Up and Comers: Gabriel Adriani

Watching my brothers growing up is one of the best things in my life and watching the flame of passion burn inside them is even better. It's wonderful to see how happy my brother Peter is when he plays football as watching my younger brother Gabriel lacing a trick. It feels like I'm playing football or making that trick in that moment. They are a part of me. Gabriel is one of the bladers who inspired my view of the game and of course one of my favourite bladers. Today I'm really proud to introduce him here on his first interview on Be-mag.com Hope you guys will meet him soon, he has the power to juice you up easy and makes you laugh more then ever!!

Adrien Anne: Anonyme.

3 years in the making, Adrien Anne's "Anonyme" showcases the best of blading from all over Europe. Adrien spoke with us about bringing the under-represented street skills of these guys into the spotlight, and the messages "Anonyme" is trying to send.

Be-Mag Issue #40: 15 Years, 40 Issues

The Fall/Winter issue of Be-Mag is about to hit a newsstand near you, and we've a bumper treat in store for the 15th anniversary issue. That's right, issue 40 of your favourite global blading publication, shining a light on the good and the great in this blading world we know and love for 15 years, and solidly looking forward to the next 15!

Blank Brand Company Profile

From the man who brought us Skatepile and Fiziks, blade tech guru Tom Hyser has been working with Rollerblade over the past few years to create his own hardware brand called Blank.

Photographer Profile: Pietro Firrincieli

Everybody likes a good skating picture, but the person taking it usually remains unknown. With our 'Photographer Profiles' we decided to change that and shed some light on the people behind the camera. Pietro Firrincieli is a dedicated rollerblader from Italy who's been documenting his scene for years. Read on about his love for black and white, Blade Diary, getting hit by a truck and check out some of his favourite pictures along the way!

Reflections On Louie Zamora By Your Childhood Heroes

In the latest print issue of Be-mag, we were lucky enough to feature longtime skater and prankster Louie Zamora. Originally we wanted to get some insight into the real man behind the skater, so we figured why not speak to those who know him best.

Up and Comers: Jo Zenk

The usual introductions start with the moment when you first met the guy to be interviewed. In this specific case I have to say, that I am not quite sure where I met Johannes the first time, but I am sure about the fact that as soon as I got to know him a little I hated him instantly. Never would I ever hang out with that guy. Life can teach you tough lessons and the one that I was taught when it comes to Johannes Zenk is, that you should never judge someone on first sight.

Competition Report: WRS Sicily Street Competition

On Saturday June 2nd the Italian Blader Connection and the World Rolling Series held the Sicily Street Competition in Paterno, which is a small village near Catania, Italy. I arrived in Catania by taking a bus, then a ship, and then another bus from Rome. When I arrived there that morning, I ran into a little problem; there was no way to get to Paterno! No buses or trains went there on the weekend so I asked a taxi driver how much it would cost to get there. He told me 50€ but since the normal bus and train fares were 2,70€ I decided I would try to find another way.

Blading’s News Flash

News Flash USA Don Bambrick is off USD. We don’t know much more about this yet but will keep you updated. As most of you already know, Franky...