First Sunday Session October

It was a hot Sunday session trick wise and weather. A bunch of skaters came out as usual for the our annual first Sunday session in the 90 degree heat of Montebello California. Skaters like Chosen Few pro rider Beat Schillmeier, Rachard Johnson, Coco Sanchez, Julian Bah, Jeremy Soderburg, Frankie Murcia, Joey Jaime and many others were out enjoying the session.

First Sunday Sessions at Belvedere Skatepark

We had around 80 people at this First Sunday session. Some OG bladers came out for the session like Rachard Johnson and Gonzo as well as a lot of the current killers from SoCal like Russell Day, Anthony Gallegos, Chris Calkins, Tim Franken, Daniel Rosado, Jeremy Soderburg, Steve Cortez and more. We also had people roll up from Santa Barbara and San Diego. A lot of youngsters attended as well. It was an awesome session. First Sunday July 3rd takes place noon till whenever at Paramount Skate Park! -Quinn Feldman

1st Sunday Session at Lincoln Skate Plaza

First Sundays was awesome as usual, we had over 50 people at this session come out and enjoy a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon at the new Lincoln Skate Plaza. We had people like Kruise Sapstein, Rob G, Anthony Williams, Russell Day, Chris Calkins, Rudy Avila, of course Jeremy Soderburg who is one of the organizers and a ton of other rippers. The skate park has such a nice flow to it and I spent most of my time on skating the nice small p-rail which was a lot fun for everyone. We had a 50 person p-rail session going on at one point during the day.

Sin City Competition edit

Phillip Long just posted up the Sin City contest edit featuring Russel Day, Ian McLeod, Chaz Sands, Cameron Card, Jeremy Soderburg and many more. Three different spots, lots of hammers and a great vibe! Looking forward to Sin City part 2!