Roskilde 2013 Edit by David Sizemore

David Sizemore shares his good times in Denmark at Roskilde 2013 with this edit! Skating by Richie Eisler, Joe Atkinson, Matt Luda, Gabriel Hyden, Eito Yasutoko and many more!

Hedonskate Bladelicious Tour 2012 in Latvia & Lithuania

Nils Jansons and Joe Atkinson set out to tour Latvia and Lithuania on their Bladelicious Tour 2012 with Hedonskate being the main sponsor. Dudes are on a mission of going through cities and forests, killing the streets and getting loads of great shots and clips! Last stop is Ghetto Games in Latvia, Ventspils which is gona be massive extreme sports festival! Be-Mag will deliver live-updates from the tour!

The LoveScotland Tour DVD Trailer by Loco Skates

Join LocoSkates, the UK's most notorious skate team, plus friends, on the 2011 LoveScotland Tour. Don't miss out on Erik Bailey grinding shit, Nick Lomax jumping off shit, Joe Atkinson falling into shit and a bunch of sick guys not really giving a shit. Featuring the talents of Nick Lomax, Elliot Stevens, Leon Humphries, Dan Ives, Joe Atkinson, Sam Tuffnell, Dan Collins, and special guests Chaz Sands, and Erik Bailey.

Rollcam: The Film Trailer

For the past two years Rollcam has been travelling around the UK shooting their latest movie, Rollcam The Film. The hard work, falls, rough sleeping, and long trips are about to pay off. The film's completion is just around the corner. Get a bangin' sneak preview in this trailer, starring Joe Atkinson and Elliot Stevens.

UK Loco Box Competition

Two raw videos of epic battles. Elliot Stevens versus Joe Atkinson and Dan Ives versus Dan Collins in the Loco Box Competition. All four with mad skills.

California 2010 Memories by Sim Warren

So there was 8 of us. Myself, Jake Eley, Joe Atkinson, Julian Coulture, Sam Tuffnell, Keith Wisdom, Jamie Stenner and Jamie's wife Rikki. It was the AIL finals at Woodward West, combined with a further week of skating, whale watching, beaching and chillaxing. Now, this trip happened in November and I have no excuses as to why it's now the end of August 2011 and it's just coming out now. However, I finally got round to spending some time on this edit so that those who went and for those who didn't can see what happened at the AIL finals in woodward and a few extra bits. -Sim Warren

NASS 2011 Best Trick

Jeremy Suarez and Joe Atkinson are known for going big and doing extraordinary tricks. Which one of the two was more impressive? Watch the edit and judge for yourself. Enjoy...

LocoSkates & SSM in Liverpool

The LocoSkates boys were out in force on the weekend of the Chaz Invite contest. Loco/SSM riders Oli Short and Leon Humphries were both out rocking the new Shima Skate Manufacturing skates for the first time together. Also catch our guys Elliot Stevens, Nick Lomax, Dan Ives, Dan Collins, Billy Doyle, Jake Eley and Joe Atkinson showing Liverpool how they roll.

Linköping Skateweek Update #1

Friday 6th of May around midnight Joe Atkinson arrived in Linköping as our secret guest rider for the Skateweek comps and demos. Joe has been a good friend of mine for years now and I'm really happy to have him over for this event. As it was getting late we just chilled for a bit then went to bed since Saturday was gonna be a busy day for us.

Linköping Skate Week 2011 Coverage on Be-Mag

Joachim Wall, Richard Karlsson and me have had countless meetings and email conversations about how to do this and we have finally agreed on everything. On Saturday we started off with a mini-ramp demo outside Linköpings biggest shopping mall called Ikano-Huset. Our guest from England Joe Atkinson will also be on the demo team and stay the whole week (big thanks to Oli Benet and The Conference!). We expect sick skating and good times during the whole week.