Barn Burner 2011 Contest Report & Official Edit

At first, frustration sets in hearing once again the late announcements of this year’s Barn Burner; thinking to myself “Great no one will show”! With an epic history filled with the biggest names followed by tricks for the books the Barn Burner needs no introduction. Although after last years contest the idea of this year had everyone questioning.

Faces of Barn Burner 2011

Barn Burner 2011 took place in Seattle last weekend and Andy Roulston was on site to capture the atmosphere on and off the course. This article marks the upbeat for our Barn Burner coverage, stay tuned for more over the next few days!

StreetBattleSeattle 2010 report

It couldn’t have ended any sweeter. The 10th and final SBS was by far in my eyes the most powerful, for not only me but everyone in attendance. The level of skating was unreal. With close to 40 competitors it was a tough contest to judge. The hype was there all day with great skating, no busts, and with 4 megaphones there was never a dull moment.

Barn Burner 2010

Barn Burner is an event that many hold close to their hearts; one of the season openers for the upcoming contest season. What went down this year? Read on!