Blading With Chef Knives: Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Bleu Cheese, and Bacon

Using the empty space between my second and third wheel, I plant the groove on the edge of the step, and in one kick I'm out the driveway. Gliding on 223rd street, passing the students going to school, I give the bike lane a new name, the blade lane. I arrive at Chuck's house and we're on our way to the Wednesday morning blade ritual with genuine people that I am honored to still be blading with.

The 2012 Escape from New York Tour

The Escape from New York Tour is an idea that Dan Fabiano, of Scribe Industries and Con Artist Brand, came up with after I spent a month and a half in California earlier this year.

1st Sunday Session at Lincoln Skate Plaza

First Sundays was awesome as usual, we had over 50 people at this session come out and enjoy a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon at the new Lincoln Skate Plaza. We had people like Kruise Sapstein, Rob G, Anthony Williams, Russell Day, Chris Calkins, Rudy Avila, of course Jeremy Soderburg who is one of the organizers and a ton of other rippers. The skate park has such a nice flow to it and I spent most of my time on skating the nice small p-rail which was a lot fun for everyone. We had a 50 person p-rail session going on at one point during the day.

In-The-Know with Robert Guerrero

Robert Guerrero is a supporting pillar in our sport. Almost every Rollerblader out there might have come across his name. In our latest print issue Rob was spotlighted with a big interview. But this was obviously not enough. Our readers still had a lot of questions and interest for this Rollerblading icon that has enriched our sport in so many and different ways! Read on.

Frank Stoner

Frank Stoner is a rhetorician, cognitive linguist, husband, beagle owner, and rollerblader. He earned his professional credentials at Colorado...

f33t trailer #1

The first official f33t trailer is out and it looks nothing but promising. We cant wait for this one to be released. Infos on the world premiere are...