Bladergang Video online

Erick Rodriguez and the Bladergang crew have finally launched their first video for purchase online. Filmed in Mexico, New York, Barcelona, Puerto...

The Making of the ‘Valo V’ Book

The 'Valo V' book is the real deal. Engineered, designed, and printed to be the most complete package we could deliver, this book is 64 pages of beautiful double pass, duotone black ink printed using an offset litho press at the award-winning Colornet Press in Los Angeles, Calif. The cover is flush trimmed and made of duplexed black chipboard with gold screen-printed logos on front and back. The inside back cover is die-cut perfectly to pressure hold your disc in place and keep it safe. Take care of it and enjoy it, just like we did while making it.

Kickstarter for Shredweiser’s The Balas Perdidas Americana Tour

Help the Shredweiser boys to fund their Balas Perdidas Americana Tour through Kickstarter! The roster for the trip includes John Bolino, Brian Bina, Chris Dafick, Erik Stokley, Matty Schrock, Marc Moreno, Adria Saa, Miguel Ramos, Seba Seufferheld, and Steve Gasstation. They plan on venturing through Oakland, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Yellowstone, Reno, Yosemite, Zion, Vegas, New Mexico, Arizona, San Diego, and Los Angeles and produce a tour video of the trip!

Insight: Dean Coward

Quite much has changed since Dean Cowards „Motive 3“ section 6 years ago.
 Especially in the last year things started to move fast for Dean. He...

Top 5: Victor Arias

Victor Arias is a fun dude to hang out with. In case you didn’t know that already, you should check out this Top5. He just finished filming for...

Joey Chase About His Roots, Sponsors, Fester and Crazy Travels

Joey Chase. An immortal sent to destroy “man’s” concrete jungles with his “Blades” of fury? Or, a mortal without the burden of pain, touched with enough talent and persistence to raise him to the highest level of “Awesomeness”? Or, is this his cocoon phase, as he patiently waits to blossom in to a seven foot tall, four armed bartender, destined to run “Murder Face Chase, The Drinking Place”? Or maybe, just maybe, Joey Chase is as simple as the stick figure man on the door of public men’s restrooms. None of these are known to be the truth and his legends are not for me to say.

Jeremy Raff: Drawing Lines

It is always interesting to come across people whose skating directly mirrors their personality, Jeremy Raff is one of those people. When first meeting Raff he will want to know everything about you. He will know exactly who you are and your life story within a day and keep digging things out of you your entire friendship. How he approaches you is very up front but with the most elegance that you won't even notice that he now knows enough to write, direct and film a documentary on your existence. Jeremy's skating is very in your face and ornate all at the same time. Most people have yet to see Raff skate because it was not until recent years that video recording technology could capture such top speeds on rollerblades. At mach 10 you will see such precision in every trick but with the potential danger at speeds that high and his signature action face he gives you the perfect hint of crass. Jeremy has become a very close friend over the years and if you ever have chance of spending time with him you will find yourself wanting to know him as much as he wants to know you.

Chris Haffey, Brian Aragon and Dre Powell in Colombia Live-Update #1: Somewhere in the Andes

We've heard about the enthusiasm of the Colombian rollers from the pros who have visited Bogota before us and the articles/edits they made of their trip. When we passed the airport exit the love was overwhelming. Dozens of bladers from all over the country were there to welcome us and a number of them spent the evening with us. The food is good here, it tastes healthy and natural, and the good local beers got us lightheaded quickly since we are in a big city nested on a plateau at 8000 feet high somewhere in the Andes.