Nick Lomax: Instaclips

Nick Lomax is still having a blast in Barcelona, blading and stacking clips every day. The large amount of footage he produces made him start posting...

Nick Lomax Undercover in London

Nick Lomax got a present for us in form of this new edit he filmed for Undercover. Give something back to the birthday boy and purchase his pro wheel from UC, I'll make you skate just like him! Happy birthday, Nick!

Nick Lomax LocoSkates 2013 Edit

Nick Lomax is the perfect team rider. In between winning a bunch of contest across Europe for the last couple of months, Nick has been filming a section for us. We think he’s captured some of his best clips to date. Embrace… -Jake Eley, LocoSkates

Road to Summerclash: Nick Lomax

Summerclash is coming! While we count down the days towards the event of the year, we'll be passing the time by talking to some of the big-hitting pros attending the event. First up is the UK's Nick Lomax, Winterclash veteran and USD powerhouse.