Switzerland 2013 Edit of Team Rollerblade

Check out this video of team Rollerblade visiting Switzerland for a weekend. With footage from Basel, Zurich and Zug. Skating by Adrian Deck, Warren Digne, Jeremy Suarez, Timmy van Rixtel, Jan Ebbert, Sven Boekhorst and Guillaume Le Gentil! Edit by Mihai Bivol.

Winterclash 2013 Edit: Rollerblade Rail

Timmy van Rixtel and Guillaume le Gentil are two lucky Rollerblade team riders! Together they got to skate the Winterclash Rollerblade rail in a private half hour session before the Winterclash opened it's doors to the public. Axel van Dijk, Niels Groenendijk and Jeroen Wullems were present to document the entire session.

New Rollerblade 84mm UFS Frame Introduction

Rollerblade are now making their Fusion urban frames available to skaters worldwide. The frames can fit a maximum 84mm wheel size and are made out of aircraft aluminum for strength. Watch Lonnie Francisco capture David Sizemore slicing up the big apple.

Timmy van Rixtel Rollerblade Edit

Timmy Vanilly, good guy, positive attitude, sick skating and a phat hiphop track. Those are the ingredients of this sweet Rollerblade edit. Turn up your volume and enjoy this video while your head is bouncing to the beat!

Guillaume le Gentil 2012 Edit for Rollerblade

You must be starting to think we're retarded by now how we give every edit Guillaume puts out raving reviews saying he is the steeziest mofo out there and the future of the sport etc. And because of that, we'll quote Rollerblade on what they think of him this time. They're basically saying he's the steeziest mofo out there and the future of the sport. Who would have thought...

Maxime Genoud 2012 Edit for Rollerblade

Maxime is the Amateur winner of the Winterclash in 2012. Maxime lives in the skating mecca Lausanne, Switzerland and is proud organizer of the Lausanne Street Bowl Contest that started 2008. This year he turns 19 and he is realizing life has much to offer. -Rollerblade

Win Rollerblade Sven Boekhorst Pro Skates sponsored by Rollerblade & Grindhouse

Be-Mag has teamed up with Grindhouse and Rollerblade to bring you yet another skate raffle. This time we're hooking up one lucky Be-magger with a complete RB Sven Boekorst 2012 blade that are equipped with new Blank Frames, new harder/faster soul plates and 60mm/88a wheels. If you're an avid Rollerblade skater or just want to give them a try out of curiosity it's worth your while to enter this contest. And who doesn't love free blades? Why would you even want a blade from Sven? In the immortal words of legend Ryan Jacklone, "What's that kids name? Sven? He's ill. He tried to do some super ill spin to some super ill topside trick. My "leg doesn't go this way" trick." If you want to do that trick, listen to the Riggler and enter this contest.