Sumpire’s ‘EL_CHVPO’ available as Digital Release

Ian Walker's first full length skate video is now available on the Scumpire website. 'EL_CHVPO' features the skating of Geoff Phillip, Greg Schlosser, Cody Lampman, Jeremy Spira, Ian Walker, and Howie Bennett, shot on location in Denver, Colorado.

The Popularity Contest 2013

To mark the tenth annual Popularity Contest, we got in touch with Travis Nabe, one of the organisers, to find out what's up with this year's event - what to expect if you're going and why you should be sad if you're not!

Up and Comers: Cody Lampman

Reminiscing the first time I met Cody brings three specific things to mind: all black everything, soft words, and powerful, badass blading. A few car-fulls of us Rochesterians ventured to Syracuse for a BladeBQ last summer. Upon arriving, I recognized everyone, save for one. That was Cody. He was relatively quiet (at first), but spoke loudly with his blading. It was fast, precise, stylish, and really, really good. This tattoo-covered, skinny jeans adorned, beer slamming dude I had never heard of before was absolutely attacking the ledges. Needless to say, I liked Cody immediately. Since then, Cody and I have developed a great friendship. He is a passionate blader, supportive friend, talented artist and an avid punisher of his own liver. Meet Cody Lampman.

Howie Bennett: Build It, Blade It!

Earlier this summer Mykel and I went on a trip to northern Arizona for some work. A couple weeks of work, good friends, good skateparks, hill bombs, camping, swimming, drinking, wheelin', trash fires and chasing lizards. It was a great time and we were ready to get the hell out of the desert.

Jeremy Spira – Nimh Throwback Edit

It´s gotten a bit quiet around Jeremy but you sure haven´t forgotten his steezy bladin if you know what was and is good about what we do! Living a family life one might doubt it´s possible to bust out crazy tricks and push yourself to new levels. Well, it certainly isn´t for Mr.Spira! Enjoy this well shot n chopped piece of rolling media brought to you by SCUMPIRE!

666 with Ian Walker

Check out this edit of Ian Walker. There is a quick interview with the guy over at Scumpire with some dope Luke Bender and Joshua Larkin shots. Peep it!

Jeremy Spira Park Edit 2010

The northern hemisphere is warming up, so is Jeremy Spira. First "warm-up" skate park edit in 2010. Enjoy some buttery smooth skating from Mr....