Kickstarter for Shredweiser’s The Balas Perdidas Americana Tour

Help the Shredweiser boys to fund their Balas Perdidas Americana Tour through Kickstarter! The roster for the trip includes John Bolino, Brian Bina, Chris Dafick, Erik Stokley, Matty Schrock, Marc Moreno, Adria Saa, Miguel Ramos, Seba Seufferheld, and Steve Gasstation. They plan on venturing through Oakland, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Yellowstone, Reno, Yosemite, Zion, Vegas, New Mexico, Arizona, San Diego, and Los Angeles and produce a tour video of the trip!

’16 Days with Geoff Phillip’ by Carter LeBlanc

Another amazing Geoff Phillip edit! This time he rolled down to Seattle to kick it in front of Carter LeBlanc's camera. This one will be hard to top, yet we have no doubt he will... Main camera by Carter LeBlanc, additional filming by Derek Brown and Gavin Fitch.

Kaltik welcomes Josh Silver to the Team

Josh is an animal on the blades. His style is raw and he can skate any terrain put in front of him. Kaltik scooped him up over the summer, which makes perfect sense. He's a ruthless 8 downer who still likes to make sparks. Hopefully you enjoy this section, cause we had an awesome time making it. Filmed in Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland. -Danny Beer