WOLFPACK: an interview with Valentin Tuil & Mourad Leuchi

It's rare when a group of rollerbladers put a lot of time, money and effort into crafting together a video project. We're lucky to report that our friends at Arcena did all of the above and created their latest French blade-flick called "Wolfpack". The trailers peaked our interest and we wanted to delve further into the creative process and find out from both the director, Valentin Tuil and the producer, Mourad Leuchi what it took to complete this project.

CJ Wellsmore’s dream comes true: designing a new kind of aggressive skate

Wondering why you haven't heard that much about CJ Wellsmore lately? Well, he's been busy. The talent from Down Under signed a contract with a new boot sponsor and he's been secretly working on a new kind of aggressive skate ever since. Now he can finally spill the beans about this exciting project and his upcoming pro model exclusively on Be-mag.

Catching Up With Jon Julio: Happy Birthday!

Jon Julio has been a part of blading since its inception. Besides inventing tricks in the early days, Jon has grown with the sport in both terms of talent and professional accolades.

Introducing ‘The Breakfast Club’ – A Video by Cavin Brinkman

As of today, the name 'Breakfast Club' will no longer only remind us of the essential 1985 movie, revolving around five students discovering the meaning of life after school hours. Dutch skate pioneer Cavin Brinkman, responsible for countless captures of the tricks from every Dutchie to ever touch a pair of skates, such as Tyron Ballentine, Adil Farhouni and Sven Boekhorst, has found himself in the middle of his newest, highly anticipated project. His new skate film will carry the same title as his favorite movie, 'The Breakfast Club'. Set for a release in the beginning of next year, Cavin's new film will not be just another run-of-the-mill hour filled with hazardous hammer and death-defying spins. Instead, the members of the New Breakfast Club will simply amaze their fellow skaters and fans with their inspiring creativity, attention for detail and raw Dutch style. We spoke to Mr. Brinkman himself to talk about what we can all expect from this project.

Company Profile: Scribe Industries

Founded in 1992, Scribe was a big player in the glory days of blading with a larger number of product available for the skaters needs. Scribe Industries is now growing into its 3rd year from the rebirth of the business since 1998. It took 2.5 years to solidify a full Pro team, and select Ams that work hard, have great determination, and are valuable assets to both the team and our industry. In this article we try to shed light on what’s going on at the company right now, what product they currently offer, which riders they support and what they’re up to for 2011.

Mathieu Ledoux – Exclusive Interview

Besides a few phone calls as of recent, Mathieu Ledoux was much the same to me as many of you out there. A fresh face, with mind boggling new maneuvers. One difference is I in fact had been following Mathieu's skating for a couple of years now. Not knowing anything of him personally. I viewed each section as a fan, and looked forward to the next.

BuddyTour 2010

What follows is excerpts from a 30 page essay I wrote about Ian's and my mini-tour in December 2010. I've excluded some important, memorable events for brevity's sake involving Toy Story 3, a penis-obsessed Olympic athlete, Mike Lilly, and somebody pepper-spraying a sandwich. It is partly about rollerblading, but mostly a journal I kept while I was traveling. There are a few manipulations of time, but nothing drastic. Some paragraphs were literally copied and pasted out of context so it's not the most cohesive, fluent writing style. Deal with it.

Dustin Werbeski interview

Half way through the 7th grade, a new kid arrived at my school in a town of about 1300 people. For what ever reason I can't recall, I took it upon...

Exlusive Story: Taig Khris’ Guiness World Record

Taig Khris has achieved world wide fame with his Halfpipe-Skating and all his medals he won at competitions all around the globe. He also succesfully transcended into the mainstream by joining the French survivor series. The last two years it was a bit quiet around Taig Khris. Somehow secretly, he prepared and trained for his next clou: The Mega Jump from the first floor of the Eiffel Tower!