Be-Mag Issue #41

Be-Mag issue #41 coming at ya! Available now at your favourite blade store / newsstand / airport lounge (for those of you living the Tour Life). Packed with just the best content, featuring a superman from America, life on the road in Thailand, an up-and-comer from Norway, Rolling Artist from Berlin, blading in The Congo and so much more. Check out what’s in it.

Competition Report: Asian X-Games 2012 in China

When your with a group of guys as diverse as the ones I had the pleasure of spending the week with, it’s not just the stories you create that stick with you, but the one’s you hear as well. The 2012 Asian X Games showcase everything that is right in the world of Rollerblading, entwined with fake Scotch and a podium payout that park skating hasn’t seen in a while.

Worapoj Boonnim: Drawing Lines

Note's the type of guy that people are lucky to meet in a lifetime. I've been especially lucky. One time I was walking down the street in Bangkok and said, "I wish I knew Note's phone number... he lives in Bangkok and seems like a great guy." We had met only briefly, several years before. Seconds later he was yelling, "Hey Richie!" through the crowd from a cafe on the side of the road. Like magic. He's been a good friend ever since and I guess this story kinda sums it all up. He's a special guy, there for you when you need him... and magical things happen when he's around.

Worapoj Boonnim “Note” @ Forum Skatepark Barcelona

Worapoj Boonnim loves Barcelona. And the Barcelona scene loves Worapoj. The Thailand Powerhouse killed it at the new Forum skatepark. The only thing that's missing in this edit is Barcelona's blue sky. Everything else is included: Speed, Bangers and Style!

Worapoj Boonnim Powerhouse Edit

The style and quality of the blading speaks for itself, and having him around keeps everyone smiling – a great person and a great skater, we are proud to present Worapoj Boonnim “Note” of Thailand. Worapoj stayed in Barcelona at the Powerhouse and filmed this edit with Dustin Werbeski and Adrien Anne. Edited by Adrien Anne.

The Traveler: Adrien Anne

Whether it’s out for a bite to eat in Milan, catching some sun in San Diego, or living a partier’s dream in Barcelona, Adrien’s getting spotted in more places than Where’s Waldo. Recently, we had a chance to catch up with him and discuss what it has been like living out of a suitcase for such a long time and being dubbed 'The Traveler'.

A deeper look into the Asian X-Games by Chris van der Merwe from South Africa

The Asian X-Games is the only X-Games that still hosts rollerblading. Although X-Games is a household known brand-name and people who don’t know much about rollerblading might think it is the biggest competition for rollerbladers out there, it only has a 3-star rating on the WRS scale. That is obviously because of the amount of pro’s participating. It has less pro’s attending but more prize money (up to 10th place). But Asian X-Games is not about the money...

Checking In with Sven Boekhorst

Sven Boekhorst just sent us a small edit and a few pics. We thought we should do a quick „Checking In“ with him since Winterclash is happening in his home country this year. We also wanted to know if he plans to live up to his performance at last years Winterclash in Berlin, which was nothing short of amazing. How's his „Svenergy“ level right now? And what has he planned for 2011?

Nicolas Schopfer Interview

Somehow, Nicolas Schopfer has managed to fly under the radar for some people. Not for much longer. Enjoy this interview with Nicolas as he talks about everything from skating and photography to tattoos and fixed gear bikes!