Perubian Skatepark Series: The Third Stop

The third stop of the Perubian Skatepark Series proves to be one of the most fun competitions of South America and is making it's way up in the rollerblading world. Check out this edit covering the third stop and find out for yourself why this series is so much fun to everybody who is into skating. Enjoy!

Dutch Rollerblading Championship “Oeteldope” series started in Rotterdam this weekend

Last Saturday the first round of the Dutch Championships took place in Rotterdam. Adil Farhouni from Almere won this first round in the senior category. The winner in the juniors division was Tasheed Zaalman from Rotterdam. An overall ranking will determine who will become the new Dutch Champion after two more events, held in the next four weeks. This Dutch championship consists of three rounds at three different places in the Netherlands. The concept is unique since all the competitors get to skate together for a couple of minutes, which gives them more time to impress the judges.

Balkan Rolling Series

Balkan Rolling Series Finals powered by Snickers BRS (Balkan Rolling Series) was created in the beginning of 2010 to unite all riders in Balkans and to connect all the best inline events in the region in one league. Also, it was made up to represent rolling on the highest level and to set up new standards in the region.

Balkan Rolling Series Finals

Balkan Rolling Series Finals are powered by Snickers and it is an open aggressive inline event which is a part of the Balkan Rolling Series as well...

Exlusive Story: Taig Khris’ Guiness World Record

Taig Khris has achieved world wide fame with his Halfpipe-Skating and all his medals he won at competitions all around the globe. He also succesfully transcended into the mainstream by joining the French survivor series. The last two years it was a bit quiet around Taig Khris. Somehow secretly, he prepared and trained for his next clou: The Mega Jump from the first floor of the Eiffel Tower!