Hello again: The Adapt Vegan II Be-Mag Edition

We are proud to announce the Adapt Vegan II Be-Mag Edition, our second collaboration with Adapt Brand as part of Be-Mag's 15 Years Anniversary! This is a big deal for everyone that's in the market for new skates for summer, and also a great treat for everyone that enjoys some good looking product as these things are stunners!

Adapt × Be-Mag Collaboration Skate: More Color Options available now!

The Adapt × Be-Mag Collaboration Skate has been a great success so far. But we're not intending to rest on this success, but rather take it to the next level: Adapt now offers the product in two more color ways and also let's you customize your new jams with different colored laces and souls! Check out pictures of the new burgundy and black options below!

Russell Day Adapt Welcome Edit

Russell has been skating for us since last summer and we finally got the chance to meet him in real life at the Bitter Cold Showdown. He is a great guy, and we are happy to have him on board. Welcome to the team, Russell! -Adapt Brand

Julian Bah Adapt Edit

JBah joined forces with Adapt nine months ago, here's his first full lenght edit skating a pair of Vegans! Shot by Chris Smith, David Sizemore, David Jacobi, and Nunnally Rawson, cut by Ivan Yavtushenko, and Julian Bah.

Year One of Adapt Brand and the Be-mag collaboration skate

Adapt Brand was founded in 2012 by Pieter Wijnant and Olga Bouwhuis and was officially launched at last year's Winterclash. The Dutch based company is still going strong and they are releasing new and improved models for 2013. Be-mag took some time to speak with the pair at their office in Den Haag to discuss the growing pains of a new blade company, product innovations as well as the collaboration with Be-mag on our limited edition 15th anniversary boot.

Andrew Broom Adapt Park Edit by Anthony Medina

Since Andrew got picked up by Adapt, we decided to film a park edit to put online while we film for his 'Waterloo' section. Over the last couple months we filmed here and there at multiple parks in Texas. Enjoy. -Anthony Medina

Adapt adds Eric van Boven to their Team

Although Eric van Boven has been skating for us for a couple of months, he didn't get a proper introduction yet. Eric has been skating for around 14 years now and is well known in the Dutch scene, with parts in the Dutch movies Supermossels, Aorta and the Breakfast Club. Eric is a badass and that shows in his skating. He skates fast and raw, but also subtle, making every trick look clean. Expect to see more from this hard working Dutchie in the future. Edit by Remco van der Pol. -Olga Bouwhuis

Rik van Huik 2012 Edit for Adapt

Rik van Huiks new Adapt edit just dropped, check it out! Filmed by Olga Bouwhuis, Pieter Wijnant, Ben Harmanus, Thijs Tel, Erik Droogh, Vivien Butot, and Koen van Rijn.

Adapt Vegan Review on the Be-Mag Msgboard

Fellow board member will.m from Boston put in work and posted an in depth initial review of the Adapt Vegan skates he just got in the mail. If you're interested in "adapting" we highly suggest you read this piece and also keep an eye on it in the future as both will.m and his analytical mind promised to update us on their experience with the new skates.

Ben Harmanus: About Chimera, Adapt and More Projects

If you've never met Ben Harmanus before, from the outset he can seem a little bit scary. A man covered in tattoos who's always dressed in black and constantly throwing himself at rails all over the globe. For those who do know him, they realize this is simply a front for one of the most caring and passionate skaters in our scene. Ben spoke with Be-mag to discuss the current state of Chimera, his collaboration with the dutch boot company Adapt and the future and beyond of skating.

Adapt Brand Supporter edit by Julian Bah

Julian Bah is an extremely talented skater. He's been a controversial figure in our industry over the past few years, but regardless of his personal life or persona, his skating speaks for itself. Julian is now moving on to the next chapter in his blading life and he is now a supporter of the Adapt Brand skates. Take a look at a fresh new edit of Julian on the soon to be released Adapt Brand Vegan blade, available online in the coming weeks.