Ben Harmanus: About Chimera, Adapt and More Projects

If you've never met Ben Harmanus before, from the outset he can seem a little bit scary. A man covered in tattoos who's always dressed in black and constantly throwing himself at rails all over the globe. For those who do know him, they realize this is simply a front for one of the most caring and passionate skaters in our scene. Ben spoke with Be-mag to discuss the current state of Chimera, his collaboration with the dutch boot company Adapt and the future and beyond of skating.

An Interview with Adapt Co-Founder Pieter Wijnant

After months of speculation online, the Adapt brand was officially brought to life at this year's Winterclash. Since the contest, things have been a little quiet on their front so we wanted to find out what they've been cooking up. Is our industry ready for high end handmade leather and carbon/kevlar footwear, and has everything worked out according to their plan so far? Or have Adapt closed up shop, sold 500 pairs of skates but never shipped a single pair and vanished into thin air? We were eager to find out more and we're pleased to hear that they're still here, humble and focused as ever...

Company Profile: adapt

You may have heard of this new skate brand from the Netherlands, 'adapt'. You may also already be friends with them on facebook. If the latter is the case, you might have noticed that they weren't providing too much info about what they were actually brewing over there in Holland. Well, this now changes with this very Company Profile on Be-Mag. Olga Bouwhuis and Pieter Wijnant founded adapt 20 months ago because they saw potential for hand crafted skates made from high quality materials. And here they are now, explaining to us where this has taken them so far.

Up and Comers: Eric van Boven

I was fortunate enough to meet Eric in person this summer while visiting the Adapt Brand crew in Holland and he is a skater to look out for. Eric skates with a raw energy, has an eye for unique spots, and is always down to smoke cigarettes or have a drink or two.

Shred Cologne 2013: An Interview with Event Organizer Marco Sichau

A little over two weeks from now, the highly anticipated Shred Cologne 2013 will go down at the Abenteuerhalle Köln Kalk in Cologne, Germany. While the hot phase of the preparations has just started for the Shred Team and the riders list is ever growing, we asked Be-Mag correspondent Seán Ó Dálaigh to find out what the competition will be all about this year!

Competition Report: X-Mas Jam 2012, German Championships Inline Street

After the madness of the Shred Cologne contest just two months earlier, the final German Masterships session of the year had a lot to live up to. The frozen streets and horrible weather weren’t putting anybody off, with bladers from almost all of Europe showing up to destroy the I-Punkt Skateland for the 2000 € prize money. German competitors were also battling for the title of German Champion for 2012 and the standard was – predictably – furious.

One Minute, One Spot: Olga Bouwhuis

I could start by saying that its hard to put down some words about Olga Bouwhuis because she is my girlfriend and that could complicate things. But instead, I find it quite easy to write about her. The reason for that is that she is not only my girlfriend, she is also my best friend, my skating buddy and one of the funniest and down to earth girls I have ever come across. She has a big heart for the new generation kids on wheels and an even bigger heart for Rob G. She is the kind of person that you just can't describe in words. Olga for me is the purest form in rollerblading, too me.. she is rollerblading!