Blading Cup Registration

Remember, this years Blading Cup is going down November 1st. The competitor registration ends October 27th and if you haven’t done it yet you can...

The Blading Cup 2012 Fox Sports Coverage now online!

The Blading Cup 2012 is an international inline skating event that attracts skaters from all over the world. Held every summer in the East end of Santa Ana, the Blading Cup is the proving ground for professional and amateur bladers. -Jon Julio

The Blading Cup: a View from Under the Ramps

Ivan Narez, Erik Stokley, and I arrived at Jon and Viola Julio’s loft around 4:30 Thursday morning. Ivan slept most of the way in pure exhaustion from finalizing the details on getting copies of the Shred ‘Til You’re Dead II book, DVD, and Blu Ray that were releasing the next day. By that time, I had been awake nearly 24 hours and about five of those were driving from Walnut Creek to Santa Ana.

Blading Cup 2012 in Santa Ana, USA

Already got something on your list for October 6th? We hope you'll be able to adjust your obligations to fit Blading Cup 2012 into the mix. If it looks like that'll be a problem... just delete the other crap...

Blading Cup 2011 by Themgoods

Video edit of the first ever Blading Cup in Santa Ana featuring the worlds top pros Chris Haffey, Brian Aragon, Alex Broskow, Erik Bailey, Chris Farmer, Frankie Morales, Brandon Smith, Jeff Stockwell and many more.

The Making of the Blading Cup Trophy: Sayer Danforth Creates a Masterpiece

What makes a competition unique are the elements that go into putting together a piece of art. Because, after all that truly is what a unique competition is. Anyone can hold a contest, have people gather, give each rider several run times, crown first through third, hand out a few prizes, and then call it a day. But, to go above and beyond when making the elements of a competition differ from others creates something individual in its own character. In the end, with all of the people involved and all of the hard work put into creating uniqueness, this said competition can grow into something bigger and stand out above the rest in a memorable way. After all, if you take this said competition and include unique features in a unique setting with the industry’s top pro riders who in their own minds are creating art with how they use each piece within the contest then right there you have just brought art to life. Well, something to this magnitude needs to be creative on all accounts from the setting and obstacles, to the invites and promotion, all the way down to the last detail. This year’s first annual Blade Cup spared no detail in creating a masterpiece when Jon Julio thought of something far out in a concept for the trophy. I mean, this is Blading, right? The end result… Well, you’ll just have to click down below and see for yourself.