Competition Report: AIL Championships 2011

The AIL Championships were held this past weekend on Saturday November 5th 2011 at Woodward West in Tehachapi California. I have been waiting for this day since the preliminary competition held back in April, so needless to say I was uber excited to attend the event!

Introducing: ‘Take Your Time’ + Teaser

'Take Your Time' has come a long way from its first iteration. I first got the idea with Jonathan Labez in late December 2010. We formed a video around the BDC, an inside joke involving a handful of us as part of a 'crew'. Our good friend, Anthony Gallegos, was moving up north the next month to go to university, so we wanted to make a friends video before he left to remember us by. Our goal was to finish his section before he left, and continue filming for a few months. Things snowballed from there!

Contest Report: Chosen Few Finals 2011 in Los Angeles

So the ACF Finals this year were about as crazy as it can get. This may be starting to get repetitive but I will say it again because I really do mean it. Chosen Few's main goal is to expose new talents around the world, challenge skaters to push themselves to their full potential and to put on amazing events for all to enjoy! The Chosen Few Finals are now being known as one of the most difficult competitions around. We're not going to lie about that either. Our finals will always be an intense and challenging competition. You may get one easy spot at the beginning but that's about it. No matter what the last obstacle is, it will not be easy. It might be a huge down rail or it might be something random but we will guarantee that it will always have the competitors pushing themselves and skating their hardest.

ACF Santee Comp Report by Quinn Feldman

Quite honestly The Chosen Few Santee Street Comp was great. Nick Wood and Damien Wilson made sure the BBQ was running at every spot with hot dogs and cheese burgers on deck. Over $200 of BBQ was sold and that money went to best trick at all the spots. The BBQ was something that added a little extra vibe to the competition. Great skating, great food, great people, Santee style. So thank you for lugging that thing around all day. We ended up with close to 200 people and 40 competitors. The first spot was the famous Chicano Park line ledges.