Check out BROKE! Exhibition at Sumerclash 2013!

BROKE! is a photo exhibition hosted by Be-Mag and, taking place during Summerclash 2013 at the Mellowpark in Berlin. Featuring the work of Bea Conde-Corbal, Pietro Firrincieli, Felix Strosetzki, and Dominik Wagner, this is an event not to miss.

Ground Control Video ‘GC.1’ by Simon Mulvaney: Team Montage 3

Released in 2011, Ground Control came to define a years worth of achievement from the blading community. Featuring a strong roster of talent from the team itself and directed by Simon Mulvaney, this film documents the story of the frames beneath the feet of each of the GC team. Episode 7 is a fast paced blend of eye opening tricks by the Ground Control Team, featuring the talents of Stefan Horngacher, Sammy Chase, David Andrews, Dre Powell, Lyle Shivak, Marc Moreno, Mathias Silhan, Dominik Wagner, Yuri Botelho, Kåre Lindberg, Andrew Jaccuzi and Alex Burston. -Simon Mulvaney

The Gypsy Project: Gypsy Free

This adventure continues the 2012 summer travels of Fredrik Andersson, Josh Glowicki, Richie Eisler and Dominik Wagner as they search through Sweden, Norway and Germany for the best places to skate and hang. And as always, we got some new Gypsies to add to the crew. Some of the most talented people in rollerblading, such as Montre Livingston, Nils Janson, Alex Popovic, Jonas Bodtker, Olav Norheim and Toms Krasovskis! -Josh Glowicki

Ponycup 2013 in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark

Once again Ponycup 2013 will get some overseas visitors at Kulturfabrikken! Names such as Dominik Wagner, Nils Jansons, Nick Lomax, Alex Burston, Richie Eisler and Miro Kolb will be in attendance. This year we will also be paid a visit from Blackjack and Hedonskate who will put up a booth with new and fresh gear for you to check out. So remember to bring your wallet if you want to get hooked up with the newest and freshest gear!

Official Be-Mag Winterclash 2013 Edit by Remy Cadier

On Saturday evening, a simple scarf helped Dominik Wagner throw down a hammer so big, Thor got jealous. Charging over and over at a safety barrier-handrail-quarter transfer was getting frustrating, until a CampHolland hooligan ran up. He threw the legendary Svenergy scarf around Dominik's neck and the result? A thousand shouting, partying rollerbladers and one of the gnarliest tricks of the day. The perfect moment for Sven Boekhorst's final Winterclash and a main highlight of the event.

Winterclash 2013 Edit: Hammers!

Jack Toibin put together a quick edit featuring some hammers from the Pro Competition. In the video you can see Cj Wellsmore doing highspeed transfer grinds, Dominik Wagner doing some creative switch-ups on the beyond the big quarter, Nils Jansons 360 Fishbrain and 540 alley-oop Top-Soul as well as Anthony Pottier lacing a disaster 360 Top Soul on the Loco-Skates rail!

The Blackjack Project launches new Blog + Edit

The Blackjack Project just launched their new blog on which you will find everything about the project and the whole team from now on. Also check out the edit that was released today featuring blading by Marc Moreno, Gabriel Hyden, Patrick Ridder, Dominik Wagner, Chris Berg, Dave Benski, Bart Laubsch and Tim Wolff.

‘GYPSY TOO’ Summer 2012 Edit by Richie Eisler

Richier Eisler shares his summer adventures with you through this edit featuring Taylor Ritchie, Josh Glowicki, Fredrik Andersson, Dominik Wagner, Montre Livingston, Toms Krasovskis, Jeff Stockwell, Jon Bolino, Eito Yasutoko and himself. Feels good man.

Open Swedish Championships 2012 in Eskilstuna, Sweden

The Open Swedish Championships are going down every year around this time and if you’ve ever seen an edit featuring the ZeroOneSix Skatepark, you know that it’s worth a trip for sure. Next to the Scandinavian blading scene you will meet international stars such as Nils Jansons or Dominik Wagner. It’s possible to sleep in the park, but you need to pre-register for that.

Be-mag Fashion Line Autumn 2012

The days are getting shorter and colder now almost all around the world, so we decided to release another Be-Mag fashion just in time for the weather change which also includes nice and cozy sweaters. Once again these garments have been specifically cut and sewn for us and feature some of our favourite graphics from the past with a new twist. For the lookbook we asked Dominik Wagner to shoot the pictures for us together with pro skater Richie Eisler.

Geneva Flow Bowl 2012 edit

The first annual Flow Bowl contest took place in Geneva. Check out Dominik Wagner, Blake Bird, Nils Jansons, Stephan De Freitas and Joey Egan shredding the Swiss concrete. Edit by Shoyu Prod / Ben Shelbourne.

Be-Mag Live Update #4 from Roskilde Festival 2012

Roskilde festival freshened up it's skatepark this year, and while they were at it they also put up a new bowl. Jeff Stockwell, Jacob Juul, Dominik Wagner and many others were brought in to look for some fresh lines, and they sure as hell found some!

Gregory Preston day trippin’ through Europe

Gregory just uploaded this fine, fiiiine edit composed of footage from last summer. Mainly filmed in and around Roskilde and Copenhagen, it features Montre Livingston, Dominik Wagner, Christian Berg and many others. Looks like he also sneaked a little Cali footage in. So not really an Europe edit. Whatever... just check it out!

Hedonskating #2 in Berlin, Germany

After my friends and colleagues from Hedonskate arrived late Friday evening we woke up to beautiful sunshine on a Saturday morning with a great weekend waiting for us. Instead of explaining step by step what went down during the weekend, I decided to ask Dominik Wagner, Jojo Jacobi, Bart Laubsch and Basza Takemura to write about some of their personal experiences from the event that was a beautiful weekend full of blading, good weather and friends!

Razors Team Video ‘Closer’ by Beau Cottington (2003)

Beau Cottington is slowly uploading all his gems. Peep Razors' 2003 team video 'Closer' featuring Dre Powell, Micah Yeager, Robert Lievanos, Omar Wysong, Brian Shima, Jeff Stockwell, Dominik Wagner, Ben Harmanus, Sam Davis, Leon Humphries, Eric Perkett, Mike Albritton, Sandro Brun, Jona Messerli, Mike Johnson, Jon Elliott and more.