Dustin Werbeski interview

Half way through the 7th grade, a new kid arrived at my school in a town of about 1300 people. For what ever reason I can't recall, I took it upon...

‘Amsterdam Sessions’ Edit with Lomax, Werbeski & Eisler

Dustin Werbeski, Nick Lomax and Richie Eisler had a few ice-cold sessions in Amsterdam. And the weather definitely didn't stop them from throwing down... Shot and cut by Richie Eisler with additional camera work by Nick Lomax, Cavin Brinkman, Dustin Werbeski and Mike Welland.

The Xsjado Video Leftovers

Leftovers from the Xsjado Video featuring Chris Farmer, Jeff Stockwell, Jc Rowe, Ben Schwab, Paul John, Michael Garlinghouse, Dustin Werbeski, Kevin Yee, Mike Obedoza, Marcus Benavides, Victor Galicia, Nick Rother, and Lee Martin.

Now (finally!) available: ‘Imagine Blade Shun’

The video went missing for "some months", now 'Imagine Blade Shun' has been made available by Shop Task as a digital purchase. Figure out your PayPal login asap and get yourself some juice and inspiration for 2013! Edited by Dustin Werbeski, produced by Shop Task.

Team Canada at WNS Barcelona

If you ever make it to Barcelona this summer, hopefully you´ll be able to attend a Wednesday Night Skate session at the Forum Skatepark. Here´s a few quick clips from last nights session from our current roster of Team Canada: Richie Eisler, Dustin Werbeski, Kevin Chow and visiting Canadian Taylor Ritchie. See you next Wednesday!

Fredrik Andersson Powerhouse Edit

It is finally here! Get your popcorn, turn up the volume and enjoy a little taste of Fred's trip. Shot and cut by Richie Eisler with additional filming by Dustin Werbeski.

Worapoj Boonnim Powerhouse Edit

The style and quality of the blading speaks for itself, and having him around keeps everyone smiling – a great person and a great skater, we are proud to present Worapoj Boonnim “Note” of Thailand. Worapoj stayed in Barcelona at the Powerhouse and filmed this edit with Dustin Werbeski and Adrien Anne. Edited by Adrien Anne.

Powerhouse Home Movies: Winterclash 2011

This is something that will attract attention to all – not just another Winterclash contest edit, this is our past and our future. Powerhouse, life from another perspective. Enjoy this a home movie directed by Dustin Werbeski.