BET Hip Hop Awards 2011 HOT 16 Featuring – Franky Morales

One of Rolling's biggest personality is back with another jam reppin’ skating and rhyming for the streets. Franky Morales, gold teeth and all, has the ability to show world such a solid representation of skating that he’s dropping lyrics while he’s dropping ledges. Pulling a quote directly from a stream of responses because of how accurate it truly is, “This is such a clever way to start promoting skating again. Keeping skating alive through rap. [That] a boy, Franky!”

Camp Woodward 2010 featuring Franky Morales, Thumper Nagasako, Andrew Nemiroski, Dan Breuer and many more campers

Camp Woodward has once again given me a great place to call home for the summer. The heavenly-gated community of devoted rollerbladers, skateboarders, and bikers, continues to welcome all aspiring talent of all ages with open arms. With a top of the line training facility, Camp Woodward is dedicated to provide athletes at any skill level with a safe, fun, effective ways to learn and progress in all action sports.

Franky Morales: One Minute One Spot

When we started the One Minute One Spot format on be-mag, we knew Franky would like that kind of format. We had no idea that Franky would provide a hammer edit like the one here - especially in the face of the fact Franky got injured right before filming for the edit. But this is Franky, one of the most popular icons of our sport's culture. Nothing can stop him to throw down his hammers.

Remz 2010 England Tour part 1 of 5: Featuring Franky Morales and the Remz England Team at the UKSkatepark

Remz is back on tour again bringing the Remz Pro riders Franky Morales from the US as well as CJ Wellsmore from Australia along to the United Kingdom to unite with the UK Remz Team (Si Coburn, Lee Devereaux, Joey Egen, and Ollie Jones) for some extra delicious shred sessions! Our personal Be-Mag nightworker, Kato Mateu, give his eye teeth to provide us with everything that happens on this tour as fast as possible! Check out this first tour update including some UKSkatepark sessions as well as a private UKSkatepark tour. Read on.