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Machetazo Contest 2016

Organized by the worldwide Guerreros crew, the Machetazo contest will take place for the first time in Uruguay next year! In order to start 2016 off...

TRAITEMENT: Now online!

TRAITEMENT is a blading film by Jonas Hansson released in February 2011 and produced by Be-Mag. It won the Danish Adventure Film Festival later the same year, in Copenhagen, Denmark. And deservedly so. If you don't already own a copy, you're in for a treat as it's now available to watch online in its entirety, for free.

Up and Comers: Michel Prado

He may have started blading relatively late, but Barcelona-based Michel Prado hasn't wasted any time since getting the wheels under his feet. Check out his latest edit and photos for proof that he shreds as hard as anyone with twice the experience, and get some insight into the man himself.

‘Traitement’: Mathieu Heinemann Profile

On a sunny day of May, Mat called telling me two Danish guys wanted to film him for a video project. He asked if they could stay at my place along with him, since many bladers from around the world have stayed at my house. I told him no problem at all, we didn't know what to expect, as neither of us had met Jonas and Kåre before.