Winterclash Live Update #1: Preparing for Winterclash 2011

Five days before the actual event, the Winterclash team is already in full effect at the location. Check out our first live-update right from the venue in Eindhoven. Have a look at the ramps they are building and read up on how excited the man in charge of it all is about this years Winterclash!

X-Mas Jam 2010 Retrospective

First held in 1996, the X-Mas Jam has been going strong for many years now. Known for righteous skating and good atmosphere, this event is here to stay for another 15 years. Easily. Check out a bunch of photographs from the competition as well as quotes of people that attended the '10-edition of the Jam to find out more about the vibe of an event that has skaters coming from the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland as well as France every year to celebrate Rollerblading at the I-Punkt Skateland in Hamburg.

Valo4Life Premiere – Berlin

On Saturday the 27th of November, Ignition organized a videopremiere in a movie theatre in Berlin Kreuzberg. After a trailer of the upcoming rollerblade movie "Here We Are"  from Leipzig (which is going to be released in 2011), Ignition presented its own production called "Ignition City Guide Berlin". But the major release of this event was the Valo4Life DVD.

Making of… the Rat Tail Euro Line

This sping I had the great chance to visit Poland and the production facilities of the Rat-Tail Europe Lines in Katowice. Since I had never been to Poland before, I decided to extend my trip for some days.

Adam Zurawiecki interview

If you think of Rollerblading in Poland you might think of two things at least: Hedonskate and Adam Zurawiecki. Adam is a strong pillar in the Polish skate scene. If you look up his name on youtube, you will find a dozen edits that kicks ass. After a decade of hard skating Adam is still stepping up the game - not only with his skating, but also with his never ending dedication to the sport and some interesting ideas that will make Rollerblading look good and strong. For his Be-Mag interview Adam didn't come up with the normal street skate and interview shots. That's not his nature. instead, he was looking for some extraordinary stuff.

Issue 36 – Making of the Covershot at Winterclash 2010

Hi Be-maggers, we are Tim and Alex from The World Organisation ( and we made the cover for this issue. For the stunt we managed to book german supermodel Ben Harmanus. After years of building and painting the Be-Mag booth at Winterclash it was obvious that we had to come up with something special now that the Winterclash had found it’s way to Berlin, our hometown.

Checking in with Jojo Jacobi

Six months ago the world of Rollerblading gathered in Berlin as Jojo called for the Winterclash 2010. This event was bigger, louder and more spectacular than all previous Winterclashs and Rollerblading contests. But while Jojo organized one of the biggest Rollerblading events to date, it somehow went quiet around his own person after the event. That's why Be-Mag checked in with Jojo to find out what's going on.

Revelation Cup 2010

On the 18th of September the Revelation Cup takes place in the Skatelounge Giessen, Germany. The contest crew is coming up with a lot of specials which will give you an amazing time.

Mirek Ragan (Hedonskate founder and owner) in the focus

1996/99 – The peek of rollerblading popularity in Poland. Without cellphones, internet and the Be-Mag messageboard, every rail in the city was occupied by random group of bladers, who were just class mates or friends from the hood. Local TV stations broadcasted various rollerblading footage and when you wanted to know what's up with the industry you could just picked up a magazine from a newstand - polish ones as well as foreign ones like Daily Bread or Box.

Real Street Essen – Back to the roots

After some years of absence a Real Street Event series is coming back to Germany. The first contest of the series took place in one of the epicentrums of German Rollerblading, in Essen. Read on and see what went down this past weekend.

SRSC Copenhagen 2010

The SRSC Copenhagen took place last weekend. Skaters from all over Scandinavia as well as some US-celebrities (Demetrious George and Billy O'Neill) attended this traditional Realstreet event and skated their ass off. Check out the edit and the pictures (taken by Kenneth Nguyen).

SRSC Final 2010

Press release by Michael Buhl, Christian Berg, David Grant & Ronni Skovmand (Rollerblade Association Denmark)Shots by Kenneth Nguyen Once...

SRSC Final 2010

Press release by Michael Buhl, Christian Berg, David Grant & Ronni Skovmand (Rollerblade Association Denmark)Shots by Kenneth Nguyen Once...

Adam Zurawiecki Interview

What was your first contact to aggressive skating?Everything started in early 90's. I was fascinated with the fact that you can do skating in the...

Denis Wolf interview

The German Rollerblading platform - - just posted up an interesting interview with Ignition's finest "Denis Wolf". Head over to their...