‘Shred ‘Til You’re Dead 2’ – Part #1

Coming back again, the 'Shred ‘Til You’re Dead' van heads up the 101 to explore some of the best skate parks in America with some of its best park skaters. Join Chris Haffey, Jeff Stockwell, Erik Bailey, Brandon Smith, Victor Arias, Tory Treseder, and Ivan Narez as they embark through the Pacific Northwest and more in search of the finest concrete civic dollars can buy. This year’s tour includes the addition of Jon Julio, Jeremy Stephenson, and other friends along the way. The Shred boys spend two weeks shredding, camping, playing Wiffle ball, riding motorcycles, fighting off aliens, and other things you do while on the road with your best buddies.

The Blading Cup: a View from Under the Ramps

Ivan Narez, Erik Stokley, and I arrived at Jon and Viola Julio’s loft around 4:30 Thursday morning. Ivan slept most of the way in pure exhaustion from finalizing the details on getting copies of the Shred ‘Til You’re Dead II book, DVD, and Blu Ray that were releasing the next day. By that time, I had been awake nearly 24 hours and about five of those were driving from Walnut Creek to Santa Ana.

Alex Broskow Valo ABVX.1 Promo Edit

Valo and Vibralux's present their first collaboration product, the ABVX1. Shot over the course of 10 days in Alex's hometown, Kansas City, Missouri. Filmed by Ivan Narez and Sean Kelso, chopped by Ivan Narez.

BCSD 2012 Update #8: The Tradeshow

Walk around with Brian Krans and Sam DeAngelis as they interview the industry's biggest names at the Bitter Cold Showdown 2012 Tradeshow. This edit includes exclusive news on all up and coming products and services in the industry. Meet with Jon Julio, Eric Bailey, Jeff Stockwell, Ivan Narez, and many more as Brian and Sam tour the tradeshow and ask the questions everyone has on their mind. Stay tuned for the official Bitter Cold Showdown 2012 edit from Be-Mag!

Roskilde 2011 Live-Update #5 – Box Session

Watch Dominik Wagner, Montre Livingston, Daniel Nielsen, Timm Kittlitz and Senor Ivan Narez session the down ledge at the Skatepark of Roskilde. Looks like they're having a good time over there!

End of the World Session with Team Valo in NY

After a week of non-stop rain in New York City, we finally had a day in the sun to shred. Foley square would be the meet up location for the “End of the World” session with the Valo Team. Bladers came from all boroughs in NYC for a chance to hang out and skate with some of their favorite pros. Present were Jon Julio, Erik Bailey, Franco Cammayo, Alex Broskow, Ivan Narez, Brandon Smith and Victor Arias. The session began on the steps of the Supreme Court Building, where people seemed to be getting worked coming off the court house gap.

Valo4Life NYC Premiere

Saturday, November 27th, 2010 was the night of the highly anticipated fourth installment to the We Are Valo series titled Valo4Life, directed by Ivan Narez. This would take place in the Helen Mills Theater which is located on w26th st in Manhattan. NYC was ready for what the internet buzz calls ”One of the greatest skate movies to date”. The event which has been generated a lot of talk via facebook, was organised by Victor Callender who organizes such events as Last Man Standing, Battle My Crew and Let’s Roll NY sessions. As I walked into the theatre, the first object I notice is the Valo4life billboard which is positioned at the foot of the steps.

Valo4Life Premiere in San Francisco: Photo update

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for coming out. All the families,friends, people from all over the U.S., France, UK, and Australia. It truly was an epic night. AMAZING! Big special thank you to the MAN: Ivan Narez.

Shred Til You’re Dead- Brandon Smith

Last year Chris Haffey, Erik Bailey, Jeff Stockwell, Victor Arias, and Brandon Smith embarked on a 3,000-mile tour of skate parks in Northern California, Oregon and Idaho, entitled the "Shred Till You're Dead" tour! Tour filmer Ivan Narez created an amazing Tour DVD consisting of seven chapters as well as profiles of all Tour-members that can be viewed online.

Valo Sesh at Olympiaplein in Amsterdam

Between the Chaz Sands Invite in Liverpool and the FISE-Event in Montpellier, the Valo Team had a stopover in Amsterdam to session with Amsterdam's strong scene! Here is an official "Valo in Amsterdam" edit by Ivan Narez. You definitely want to see this. Featured skaters: Erik Bailey, Alex Broskow, Soichiro Kanashima, Viktor Arias and Brandon Smith

Valo in Amsterdam

The Valo Team including Jon Julio, Brandon Smith, Alex Broskow, Soichiro Kanashima, Erik Bailey, Victor Arias and Ivan Narez has arrived in Amsterdam. They already had a chilled Sunday afternoon session with the locals at Amsterdam's Olympiaplein skatepark. Check it out here

4Life EU Summer Tour 2010

Valo just announced their stops for the European Summer Tour 2010. The Valo Team consisting of Alex Broskow, B Smith, Cosimo Tassone, Erik Bailey, Ivan Narez, Jon Julio, Soichiro Kanashima and Victor Arias will bash their way through Europe, starting from the Chaz Sands Invite through Amsterdam, Montpellier and Lisbon and ending a eight day trip through Spain. You can look forward to some kicking ass Valo footage in may!