Franky Irven now Am for Fester Wheels

I’ve had the pleasure of shooting Frank skate during this edit and I have seen him push himself more and more every day. Frank’s skating rides a line between dangerous and enjoyable to watch and it’s always an edge of your seat thriller. -David Johns

Roskilde 2013 – Chapter 0 – An Introduction

Berlin - It's 9AM and I crack open the first beer of the day. Excitement is really high and I haven't slept much, woke up way too early with crazy dreams about Denmark. The fastest bowl in Europe, one sick crew of bladers, a week-long party with beautiful girls everywhere, and some of the best music you'd want to hear... Countless fantasies, and more than enough to get anybody just as excited as I am, sipping on some Czech imported Budweiser to cool myself down as I wait for the rest of the crew.

Competition Report: Panhandle Pow Wow 7

Last weekend was the weekend of the Panhandle Pow-Wow VII. Be-Mag was there to cover, and we've got an excellent article by Southern Scum's Chad Anthony to let you read how the competition went down. The article is accompanied by a huge amount of photos by Drew Humphrey, capturing all the best moments of the competition. Oh and there's also a sweet edit!

One Minute, One Spot: Sam Crofts vs. St. Paul’s Cathedral

It's not really hard to forget the first time that I met Sam, it must have been over ten years ago now at Chi park. I remember watching this little guy, barely pushing 4' 9", tearing up the park almost fearlessly in what I can only assume were his dad's clothes, with more enthusiasm than I had ever seen at that forsaken place.

Competition Report: A Town Stomp

On August 17th, 2012 competitors and friends began to arrive in our fair city. Solid street clips were acquired. The evening overtook us and we hunkered down to feast and imbibe libations.

Competition Report: Panhandle Pow Wow 2012

First and foremost please let me apologize for prolonging the viewing of this edit. It wasn't until today that I was contacted by both Blake Taylor and Ian Copp and notified that the sentences you are about to read are what is taking the official drop so long to happen. I guess deep down I have written nothing because there is not much to be said. I tried typing this ridiculously long drawn out descriptive read that would cover every aspect of the event and all things leading up to it and after. But truth be told, there is no amount of descriptive words that can explain what an incredible event Pow Wow actually is.

Ground Control DVD Review by Lukas Tönnesmann + Exclusive DVD Section

Ever since the first rolling videos hit the market in the early '90's, certain releases – such as 'The Hoax' and VG installments, or later published milestones like 'Coup de Tat' and 'Brain Fear Gone' – have changed not only the way people tend to look at and think about the specific scenes and rollerbladers portrayed, but also rolling culture itself. Even though I think it's too early to say what long term effect the release of GC.1 will have on the rolling world it undoubtedly has heightened my expectations regarding filming and video graphic techniques. Adding the extremely high production quality to the skills of one of the best teams in rollerblading yet, the math basically does itself. The Ground Control team video represents the passion and hard work Jon Elliott and his crew have put into their dream, resulting in one of the most spectacular videos to date.

Json Adriani: One Minute One Spot

I've known Json for a decade now and the first word that comes to mind when thinking about him is 'dedication'. And the second one is 'leader', no doubt. During the past years Jason used to skate no-fun-at-all-super-high-dead-drop-rails on a daily basis with a to-do list of tricks to improve his skills. This meant that he was skating alone most of the time because nobody in his city and just a few in Italy would be able to skate the same spots. Today, Json has grown to the best all around blader that Italy has to offer and his attitude makes him a role model for the young and a great asset to the Italian scene. He is always the first to put his blades on and the last to put them off. His dedication is contagious.

Josh Petty now SSM Godfather

SSM welcomes Josh Petty to their squad of Godfathers! Great addition to the team. Even more so if that means we're in for some new Petty clips in the future! What do you think? Soon?

Ground Control Trailer: Coming 12.06.2011

Every frame has a story to tell. Every scratch is a letter, every chip a flare of creativity, every mark a test of endurance, every groove a path of accomplishment. Every ramp, every rail, every fall, every cheer, every journey. Every trick you land and every trick you don't, carved into a layer of plastic, concealed beneath our feet. Every frame has a story to tell. This is ours.

Montreal Classics 2011 Contest Report + Official Be-Mag Edit by Immony Men

It has been really tough watching Guillaume Roy (owner of Lylac Skateshop) run around town and work his magic to make this competition happen. It makes me proud to be a part of the Montreal Classic. Year after year Danny Laroche and Guillaume Roy continue to organized this amazing event. A lot has changed with the Montreal scene since the very first Classics in 2001.

NYC Street Invite: Final Competitors List & Wildcard Nominations

The time has come and the final competitor list for the 2011 NYC Street Invitational is finished. We have taken our time choosing the absolute best street skaters from all over the world to bring to New York City and we think we have a pretty amazing competitor list put together. Now onto those Wild Card spots that we have promised: Due to the nature of the competition we will not have time for a qualifications or Amateur competition. Our main priority is to give those invited to the event every opportunity to shred what we will be putting in front of them. We will be accepting suggestions for the 5 remaining Wild Card spots for the NYC Street Invitational. The top 5 submitted bladers will be invited to the competition. One submission per person so choose wisely.