BuddyTour 2010

What follows is excerpts from a 30 page essay I wrote about Ian's and my mini-tour in December 2010. I've excluded some important, memorable events for brevity's sake involving Toy Story 3, a penis-obsessed Olympic athlete, Mike Lilly, and somebody pepper-spraying a sandwich. It is partly about rollerblading, but mostly a journal I kept while I was traveling. There are a few manipulations of time, but nothing drastic. Some paragraphs were literally copied and pasted out of context so it's not the most cohesive, fluent writing style. Deal with it.

Paco Rey: One Minute One Spot

Here we go with another One Minute One Spot edit straight from Spain. Paco Rey (Nimh flow) met up with Marc 'Enanoh' Moreno one day and filmed this within 30 minutes. Keep your eyes peeled for more coverage from Paco and Enanoh since most of the streets in Spain are still free (not covered in snow).

One Minute, One Spot: Marcin Kopiec

Marcin is a perfect example of rolling evolution. Together with a constant changing of his nickname caused by various stories involving his person or notoriously changing jobs Marcin evolved from youngster in sweatpants and way too big TRS`es to one of the most active blader in Poland.

Up and comers: Timmy Van Rixtel

Timmy v. Rixtel aka Timmy Vanilli aka TV - sounds like a stage name. At first sight Timmy looks like a guy that is into Dutch hiphop and that doesn't care much about stuff. But Timmy is kinda special. Read on.

Krystian Henryk Zarzeczny: One Minute, One Spot

When we didn`t have a proper skatepark, we spent hours at spots like this just for random chill sessions. Even though the approach is short, I guess it`s the coolest rail around my neighborhood, too bad you can blade there maybe once a week due to tight security. Anyway check the clip.

Chris Haffey Cali Tour part 1

"We just couldn't stop after the good times on our last Euro tour after the Clash, too much fun with everyone all throughout Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. So here we are, back home after Bittercold, deciding to tour our own backyard: Cali!" - Kato

Genre is Dead: Chris Majette Interview

"I wanted to start a wheel company without forcing my riders to leave their current sponsors so I started Genre to be marketed and sold separately from Denial. The first video was a lot of work but it ended up being successful and I planned to follow it up in one year. Shortly before the release of this video I lost two of my pros. Then another pro needed his footage for his skate sponsor, while another was skating less and less. There were troubles with the law, trouble with money, children, night shifts, family; nothing but drama. It seemed wrong to put out a video without a single section by our pro riders. The company changed and I apologize to all my current Denial pro riders for holding onto this footage for so long. Your skate sponsors have changed, your clothing has changed, your music tastes have changed but your footage is too good to be left unseen. ...or maybe we're just in Denial." -Majette

Bonus BCSD Tradeshow Pics

Now that the insanity of BCSD video edits has died down a bit (and what amazing edits they were!), we have a few more rounds of great photos from BCSD to drop for you. Kris Troyer just sent over an additional set of pics from the product rush that is the BCSD Tradeshow; enjoy! -B