Faces of Barn Burner 2011

Barn Burner 2011 took place in Seattle last weekend and Andy Roulston was on site to capture the atmosphere on and off the course. This article marks the upbeat for our Barn Burner coverage, stay tuned for more over the next few days!

Tom Coley-Sowry: One Minute One Spot

This spot is located in Wheelers Hill, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The only time I had been there everyone was having a bad day, so we decided to make excuses to not skate it, the rail was too sketchy, down-hill run-up, little lip of wood to get caught on just near the end of the rail on the far-side, and 'graze your face' asphalt to land on. So when I heard from Mr. Dalbis that little Tom Coley-Sowry managed to pump out a 'One Minute One Spot' edit just on this rail I was so pumped! I've known Little Tom for around 3-4 years now, and when he's not chilling/relaxing/catching his breath at a spot, he's a ball of energy just shredding (sort of like Sonic the Hedgehog). He has a bright future in skating, and I hope him all the best.

Up and Comers: Tyler Hester

At Be-Mag we love to see skaters that are progressive but influenced by an older generation of blader; Tyler Hester is one of those lucky few. Blessed with perfect weather in Southern California, legendary skate spots and a good mix of young and old shredders to roll with we're happy to present to you the exclusive Up and Comers edit filmed and chopped by Aarin Gates.

Up-And-Comers: Josh Glowicki Profile

Photographer Dale Travers recently traveled to the States and not only shot the photos for this piece with Josh Glowicki, but handled the interview as well. So enjoy this interview + edit + photos of one of Dallas, Texas' big up-and-comers, Josh Glowicki!