Edit by Sean Keane, featuring John Vossoughi, Erick Garcia, Greg Somerset, Dustin Dixon, Bander Saleh, Brian Freeman, Buddy Newby, Casey Bagozzi,...

Andrew Waddle: New Orleans Bayou Bash 2013

In a few weeks time New Orleans will be the scene for the Bayou Bash, the local blading competition. This year the competition is taken back to its roots on the streets of the Southern city. We checked in with organizer Andrew Waddle and talked about the history of the competition, skating in New Orleans and got a preview of the spots.

Be-Mag Print Issue 38: Page Spreads Preview

We are proud to announce the completion of Be-Mag Issue 38. The magazine will start shipping this week. We will be posting some more teasers throughout the week. Here's a few double page spreads for your enjoyment!

Ground Control Trailer: Coming 12.06.2011

Every frame has a story to tell. Every scratch is a letter, every chip a flare of creativity, every mark a test of endurance, every groove a path of accomplishment. Every ramp, every rail, every fall, every cheer, every journey. Every trick you land and every trick you don't, carved into a layer of plastic, concealed beneath our feet. Every frame has a story to tell. This is ours.

Contest Report: 11th Annual Kentucky Battle

It all started back on April 20, 2000. In a blur, I had way too much fun, but I watched the edit Tri made. I think he won, but it was originally between Louisville and Lexington. I think we all realized that wouldn't work. So, now fast-forward many sessions, parties, and prizes later. Here we are in our 11th year and can now say we are a legit contest. People from all over have been to Lexington or Louisville simply for some bad-ass street skating in some of the spots that we here call home. I can't tell you how to throw a skate contest, because I honestly change the format every year. I test one way and regardless of success or failure, we determine a winner, and everyone either parties or goes home. That is how it has always been, until this year...

NYC Street Invite: Final Competitors List & Wildcard Nominations

The time has come and the final competitor list for the 2011 NYC Street Invitational is finished. We have taken our time choosing the absolute best street skaters from all over the world to bring to New York City and we think we have a pretty amazing competitor list put together. Now onto those Wild Card spots that we have promised: Due to the nature of the competition we will not have time for a qualifications or Amateur competition. Our main priority is to give those invited to the event every opportunity to shred what we will be putting in front of them. We will be accepting suggestions for the 5 remaining Wild Card spots for the NYC Street Invitational. The top 5 submitted bladers will be invited to the competition. One submission per person so choose wisely.

New Orleans Bayou Bash 2011 Contest Report

On March 26, 2011 the third annual New Orleans Bayou Bash went down with over 20 competitors. Competitors were mainly from the south coast (Texas, Atlanta, Florida, Mississippi) and local New Olreanians which was great. Everything from the hammers, to the burgers, to the after party was amazing.

Sideshow Rodeo – Get it while it lasts!

Sideshow Rodeo is truly a one of a kind video produced by Be-Mag and directed and edited by FootageTape's Jamie Olmstead. We’ve gotten tremendous feedback so far and everybody seems to really like it. Sideshow Rodeo will be available for purchase at our BCSD booth. It is also available digitally through Freestyle Culture. Read the review by Rollzine and check out the trailers if you haven’t already!

Report: First Annual „Too Cold To Blade Outside“ Competition

Going into this I knew that it was going to be hectic. For years I have been hosting local shows and helping promote parties so as putting it all together and making people want to come would not be a problem. I mean if you think about all I really did was state the obvious. It is the middle of January, of course it is „Too Cold To Blade Outside“.

Sideshow Rodeo – Trailer 2

Sideshow Rodeo is truly a one of a kind video produced by Be-Mag and directed and edited by FootageTape's Jamie Olmstead. Check out trailer 2!