The Blading Cup: a View from Under the Ramps

Ivan Narez, Erik Stokley, and I arrived at Jon and Viola Julio’s loft around 4:30 Thursday morning. Ivan slept most of the way in pure exhaustion from finalizing the details on getting copies of the Shred ‘Til You’re Dead II book, DVD, and Blu Ray that were releasing the next day. By that time, I had been awake nearly 24 hours and about five of those were driving from Walnut Creek to Santa Ana.

Scene Report: Puerto Rico

Whenever you think of Puerto Rico, I‘m pretty sure that the top three things that pop into your mind are beautiful women, beautiful beaches and rum. But there is a lot more to it. We Puerto Ricans have a lot of pride and always try to do our best in everything we do, and rollerblading is no exception to this. Our skating scene may not be the biggest but I‘m very proud to be part of it.

Psyko Clothing tour in Puerto Rico

The tour started off by picking up Damien Wilson and Casey aka "Nut" McFarland at JFK airport on Monday afternoon. I definitely thought the flight would be delayed, but there is nothing stopping wild boys from Santee from a party. For an hour we cruised around in this infamous air train going around in circles ending up lost in the tube.

2010 Puerto Rico Montage 1

Time for some carribean flavour. This time we are proud to present you badass and highly entertaining street montage straight from Puerto...