Montre Livingston in Paris Photo Article by Frenchyfries

Traveling all by himself, with the help of locals along the way, Montre spent a whole month touring and shredding in Europe this past summer. The non-extensive list of countries he visited include Holland, Denmark, France and the United Kingdom. And no matter how chill he is, Montre also made sure to kill it. Check out Frenchyfries photo article about his stop in Paris, France.

Montre Livingston & The Gang in Paris

With a freshly released pro-skate and a month long tour in Europe, Montre Livingston had no choice but to stop in Paris to shred the streets of the city with the gang, and come up with some great content in the process! Here is some of it, captured on the spot and brought to you by photographer and friend Thibaut Vankemmel. Enjoy!

SW3 DVD: Montre Livingston

Peep this classic Montre Livingston video part taken from the SW3 DVD. In the comments on vimeo one person rightfully asked how Montre can stick these switch ups shown in this video with so much ease. If you know it feel free to share it with us.

Montre Livingston skating Street in Amsterdam

During Montre's stay in the Netherlands we were so busy skating, that not all of the street clips from Amsterdam could be put in the small live update edit. I finally had the time to make a proper edit with the tricks that weren't used yet!