Julian Coulter Interview

Julian Coulter is a name that seems to pop up quite a lot lately. We decided to check in with the guy who had a killer section in City and the Seed, dropped an exceptional street profile a few months ago, skydives and surfs besides skating, and somehow manages to keep a full time job at a large accountancy firm as well.

Company Profile: doop

Since taking over the original Xsjado concept, the Conference developed a hybrid of the first generation skeleton mixed with their nordic skate resulting in the Xsjado 2.0. Oli Benet then had the idea for a crossover to expand into the recreational and fitness market and the doop brand was born. Be-Mag asked him a few questions about doop and where he sees it rolling forward.

In Depth: Chaz Sands

I met Chaz for the first time during a contest in Rome back in 2002. I guess I’d only known him for like 24 hours, but after some drinks we were already making plans to drive my car all the way from Rome to Glasgow, to spend some extra time in Scotland. The next morning we cancelled this crazy idea because of everybody's hangovers. I also remember we were sitting together in the car that night with a Dutch friend of mine who needed skates. Chaz said: “No problem. I will call Salomon right now for a pair of skates” haha....So there he was at 3 o’clock in the morning calling the Salomon headquarters for a pair of skates. Ever since then we’ve been in contact, and I'm always trying to bring him over to my events here in Holland; the main goal is to have a great time and the secondary goal is to have some nice blading sessions. And I must say we are scoring every single time except this one time during my 30th birthday!I visited his house and local skatepark for a week a few years ago, which was a great experience. I hope I can make this trip again soon. Chaz is a great personality, a down to earth person with a big sense of humor and besides that he is still killing it on his blades. Like this video I saw lately of him learning fakie 1080...

In the Know: Create Originals’ Custom Ride System Frame

As many of you know we (Create Originals) have designed a new patent pending frame. We see it as not just a suspension frame but as a system of hundreds of configurations from rigid set-ups to suspension and everything in between. We call it the CRS frame or Custom Ride System frame. As a result of the many options you may have questions to the many aspects of the frame. For this In the Know we invite you to ask any an all questions about the frame system itself, what has led us to this point or why Kickstarter. Perhaps, you even have questions about Kickstarter and their policies that we can clear up for you.

Top 5: Scott Quinn

If you have ever visited a skatepark in the UK, the chances are at one point in time you have seen a pint sized Scottish Blader tearing it up by...

Brian Weis talks about head injuries, hockey and skating in the D

Brian Weis sets a standard for up-and-coming rollerbladers. Although he may be a new name to some, he has been straight ripping well over a decade. Detroit's finest brought the best out of a young Brian Weis. Nowadays he's a hardworking, beer drinking, dog discipling, pool shooting, shit talking, college graduate that faithfully keeps shredding number one. Fresh off of the injured reserve list, Brian is rested and ready to blade.

Top 5: Chaz Sands

Chaz Sands Wallride 180 out, Bones Skatepark - Photo Matt Dearden Chaz Sands is without doubt on of the biggest talents to come out of the...

This Is Soul: Opening Up A Storefront In Amsterdam

Never found a good reason to return to Amsterdam since the death of the legendary IMYTA contests? You've got one now: On Saturday the 28th of July onlineshop Thisissoul is opening an actual storefront in the heart of Holland's mighty capital, and they plan on starting off with a bang. Shop owner Ivo Vegter put all the info up on his website and took the time to answer a couple of questions for us.

Beau Cottington: Bringing Back True Legends On Their Blades

Last month, Beau Cottington released his fabled OG Edit. It included contributed footage from 47 skaters around the world. It included legends from blading's infancy – many of whom are major parts of the industry – and those who may not put on their skates as much as they used to, but still enjoy it as much as Day 1.

Dave Paine talks selling out, VG history, TJ Webber, Roof Gaps and Battle My Crew

For any new school blader who doesn't know what Videogroove is, prepare to be enlightened. For old school heads who know what's up, you're in for a treat. Be-Mag took some time to connect with one of the founding fathers of aggressive skate videos and talked about a number of things ranging from the current state of blading, VG and the Battle My Crew series. Exclusive to Be-Mag, we're proud to announce that the Battle My Crew format is coming back for 2012. Read on to learn more.

Ground Control DVD Review by Lukas Tönnesmann + Exclusive DVD Section

Ever since the first rolling videos hit the market in the early '90's, certain releases – such as 'The Hoax' and VG installments, or later published milestones like 'Coup de Tat' and 'Brain Fear Gone' – have changed not only the way people tend to look at and think about the specific scenes and rollerbladers portrayed, but also rolling culture itself. Even though I think it's too early to say what long term effect the release of GC.1 will have on the rolling world it undoubtedly has heightened my expectations regarding filming and video graphic techniques. Adding the extremely high production quality to the skills of one of the best teams in rollerblading yet, the math basically does itself. The Ground Control team video represents the passion and hard work Jon Elliott and his crew have put into their dream, resulting in one of the most spectacular videos to date.

Blast from the Past: The German Wunderkind

There are two moments in life where I met Jochen Smuda for the first time. Paradox? Not at all. The very first time I saw him I was watching the Paris Bercy Contest on Eurosport. I was wondering where that kid came from as he was the only German going to the finals altogether with well known pro skaters from all over the world. The first time I met him in real life was in Stuttgart at the DIV German Championships. I don't think we spoke a word but I liked him being focused on rollerblading, no signs of arrogance, ignoring the hype that started after people got to know "Wunderkind" Jochen Smuda. Those are some memories from the 90's, but if I look at Jochen nowadays, he didn't change much. Always in a good mood he seems to be born to entertain people; but besides his funny side, to me he is someone you can ask for help, talk to when an advice is needed, inspiring in so many different ways.

Grindhouse Tour 2011 in Barcelona #1 – Sacha Lopez

Every single year the Grindhouse team embarks upon a road tour. This year's tour took the German Grindhouse team to Europe's rolling mecca, Barcelona. There, the crew consisting of Sacha Lopez, Daniel Prell, Maik Lojewski, Timm Kittlitz, Alex Rudolf and Daniel Gourski destroyed every obstacle and party place in their path. You know the deal: When the Grindhouse is on tour, madness is the daily routine. Here you can peep the first part of the "Grindhouse Tour 2011 in Barcelona"-series featuring Sacha Lopez. Sacha injured his hands some days before the tour, but obviously this didn't hold him back.

Nicolas Schopfer: One Minute One Spot

It's a real pleasure for me to introduce the "One Minute One Spot" for my friend Nicolas Schopfer! I've known Nic for more than a decade now. I remember him skating back in the days when he was a 1,20 m tall kid skating in his blue Salomons and with his huge helmet – hence his nickname "Mushroom". From then on he never stopped skating, kept improving, always striving for perfection. He's now the great and stylish skater we all know! Thankfully Nic is always motivated for a little session. I'd say even more so now that he started editing etc. He's the one who brought me back into skating when we went to Malta after a few years break and I'm really grateful to him for everything!

Nicky Adams: One Minute One Spot

Here is few clips of Mr. Nicky Adams. We filmed in Montreal at SouthParc (skatepark of the Montreal classic WRS competition) last week in order to offer you this short video edit. Nicky was in the Salomon Pro Team back in the day and he won the X-games in 1999. He had few exposure these last years but he never left rollerblading. He is one of the most professional skaters I ever skated and filmed with. He laces his tricks first try most of the time and always does it with the biggest smile and swag ever.