Chris Edwards 2010 Edit by Stefan Brandow

If you own a pair of rollerblades, you should know who Chris Edwards is. If you don't know about the Airman, you need to. Chris invented a lot of the first tricks in our sport, was the first person to ever grind a rail on rollerblades, had the first ever pro model skate from a rollerblading company, and was a stuntman in the movies Airborne, Batman & Robin, The Mighty Ducks, and Prayer of the Rollerboys.

Black Sheep Blade Tour 2013 in Minnesota, USA

Sam DeAngelis and Dan Fabiano will be on the road with their Black Sheep Blade Tour through Minnesota from May to June having Michael Froemling, Tim Franken, Jon Fromm, Stefan Brandow, Sebatian Michalski, and Eric Miller on board with them!

‘The Warm Up’: Phil Gripper Section

Most people who don't know Phil Gripper can be pretty scared of the dude. He skates really hard, plays the drums really hard, and is swole as all hell. But The Grip is one of the nicest and most honest guys you could ever possibly meet. Phil worked his ass off for this section and still wanted to get more. He's a true friend and hard worker, which is why filming with him is always such a pleasure. -Stefan Brandow

‘The Warm Up’: Casey Wilson Section

Casey Wilson could possibly be the most slept on rollerblader that I personally know. Anyone that doesn't know Casey and sees his skating immediately asks "Who is this kid?" His skill has been at such a high level for so long, but he is always trying to push himself further and expand his already huge trick vocabulary. He stays humble and unaware of how great he is no matter how much we tell him he is. -Stefan Brandow

‘The Warm Up’: Adam McManus Section

Style. After watching Adam McManus skate it's the first thing that comes to mind. Adam is a pure ball of it. He can do the simplest of tricks and make it look like it was the best thing ever done on a pair of blades. I've always been a huge fan of Adams skating, and after multiple injuries with no health insurance he came back to blading strong with this section. -Stefan Brandow

‘The Warm Up’: Arsenio Patterson Section

The first time I had ever heard of Arsenio Patterson was when I was growing up in upstate New York. I was 15 at the time, and lived an hour south of Rochester. A lot of the older bladers in the area always talked about how good this Arsenio kid from NYC was. Arsenio is stylish and controlled, with a bag of nothing but insane tech tricks. -Stefan Brandow

‘The Warm Up’: Mikey Petrack Section

Upon moving to Raleigh, NC I met up with the main crew of rollerbladers in the city that all lived or hung out at the infamous "Blue Ridge House." One of these bladers was Mikey Petrack. Mikey quickly became a good friend. He's brash and sarcastic, but his skating is smooth and solid. -Stefan Brandow

‘The Warm Up’: Shane Conn Section

I met Shane after I had moved to Pittsburgh, PA. Shane was a skinny long haired kid who spun like a top and had the weirdest tricks constantly on lock. Over a very short period of time I saw him progress in to one of the best rollerbladers I've ever had the pleasure of skating with. I have to take a step back a lot of the time to really take Shane's skating in. It's raw and calculated, technical yet he still is able to lace some of the most creative hammers I've seen. The Wolfman will only continue to get better and blow more minds. -Stefan Brandow

‘The Warm Up’: Brett Dasovic Section

Issac from Eulogy was gracious enough to fly Brett out to Raleigh, NC to stay with me for five days to film a section in The Warm Up. Between falling harder than he ever has before, breaking his glasses, and not having the best trip in general Brett still managed to come through with an incredible section. -Stefan Brandow

Trailer for ‘The Warm Up’

Peep the trailer to 'The Warm Up', a rollerblading DVD by Stefan Brandow and David Dodge. Featuring full sections from Brett Dasovic, Shane Conn, Mikey Petrack, Arsenio Patterson, Adam McManus, Casey Wilson, Stefan Brandow & Phillip Gripper.

Adam McManus 2012 Online Jam Edit

Check out this long overdue online edit of Adam McManus steezing his way across the streets of America. Filmed by David Dodge and edited by Stefan Brandow. Enjoy...