Linköping Skateweek Update #2

Tuesday 10th of May. Around 3 pm we all met up at the first spot which is a really good ledge in the center of Linköping by this really big concert and performance center called Konsert & Kongress. The cops showed up and gave us escort the whole day so we could get on with our contest without having people interfere. On 4 pm we started the competition and as usual Joachim Wall, Samuel Cabezas and Joakim Lundberg were lacing good tricks on the ledge. We sessioned the ledge for about an hour and after announcing the best skater of the spot – which was Samuel Cabezas – we all moved on to the next spot.

Linköping Skateweek Update #1

Friday 6th of May around midnight Joe Atkinson arrived in Linköping as our secret guest rider for the Skateweek comps and demos. Joe has been a good friend of mine for years now and I'm really happy to have him over for this event. As it was getting late we just chilled for a bit then went to bed since Saturday was gonna be a busy day for us.

Linköping Skate Week 2011 Coverage on Be-Mag

Joachim Wall, Richard Karlsson and me have had countless meetings and email conversations about how to do this and we have finally agreed on everything. On Saturday we started off with a mini-ramp demo outside Linköpings biggest shopping mall called Ikano-Huset. Our guest from England Joe Atkinson will also be on the demo team and stay the whole week (big thanks to Oli Benet and The Conference!). We expect sick skating and good times during the whole week.

Vega BBQ Session

Thomas Vega started this sweet barbeque session via Facebook and it turns out to be a big success and a nice session with many locals and some special guests.

Grindhouse Tour – Scandinavia

Check out this sweet Grindhouse Tour report from the last summer. Daniel Prell, Timm Kittlitz, Maik Lojewski, Alex Rudolf, Kenth Ulvedal, Chris Piotrowicz, Sascha Krautz and me travelled through Sweden and Denmark to get footage for the upcoming Grindhouse Tour DVD 2010. The DVD is finalized and available now. Here you will see the exclusive tour trailer and the most remarkable statements by everybody who travelled with us. us.

Guldet Competition – Sweden

This is the edit from the park contest in Guldet/Sweden featuring Kenth Ulvedal, Zebastian Cassel,Joachim Wall and many more. Congratulations to the...

rollTogether #14 live update 3

Hello again from Sweden! Here we go with a last update from the rollTogether session that took place this past saturday (June 5th). As said before the level of skating in Sweden and in Scandinavia is pretty high. There are a lot of undiscovered talents. You will hear from them very soon! Be sure about that! The people of the skatepark, especially Lasse and Fredrik Andersson, gave all skaters a warm welcome and helped to make this rollTogether session to one of its best. Lasse (skatepark manager) and his team are doing a great job at the ZeroOneSix-skatepark - not only by managing one of the best Rollerblading skateparks in Europe but also by setting up a new big work force of Rollerbladers!

rolltogether #14 Promo Sweden part 3

The rollTogethercrew is proud to present you the third teaser for the rollTogether #14 session taking place on June 5th in one of the best skateparks Europe has to offer, the ZeroOneSix skatepark. Check out this promo edit in which Fredrik Andersson, Zebastian Cassel and Igor Jovanovic shred the holy wood of the skatepark in Eskilstuna. Be juiced and excited for this event! Quoting the guys from rollTogether: "We are excited like small kids as well!"

rolltogether Sweden Promo part 1 of 3

Zebastian Cassel and Fredrik Anderson, come up with this first promo edit for the rollTogether #14 session taking place at the ZeroOneSix skatepark you can see in this edit. This is one of the best skateparks Europe has to offer. Keep your eyes peeled for the next two promo edits. Quoting rollTogether: "Skaters from all over the place already announced their support and attendance. Plan your trip to Sweden and join the madness and the rollTogether family in Eskilstuna. One thing is for sure: The Scandinavian scene is strong, passionate and stoked to skate with the rest of Europe! See you soon"