Soccer time is a great time

The FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa is coming up pretty soon! In soccer - as well as in rollerblading - the support of fans and the crowd is very important. You know it. By watching comps like the WInterclash and BCSD you have seen the crowd going wild. For a soccer team the supporting crowd is often labelled as the 12th man on the court. That's why Mercedes Benz and the DFB (German Soccer Association) started a project, entitled "Der 4. Stern für Deutschland", which is adressed to all fans in Germany.

Traitement Shoot in Paris with Mathieu Heinemann

Jonas Hansson (the director of Flygt and some of last years most illustrious edits) is currently shooting for a new film entitled Traitement. The project is a collaboration with Be-Mag and will feature an ensemble of international rollerbladers. Jonas recently spend a week of filming with Mathieu Heinemann and Kaare Lindberg in Paris. Rest assured you will hear more about the development of Traitement in the following months. For now, enjoy this article and short clip of Heinemann at the Paris shoot.

The Making of Stimorol’s new commercial for Shift gum – featuring Oli Benet

Oli Benet has been selected to be the protagonist of a new TV ad for Stimrol Shift gum. The ad will be broadcasted in approximately 15 countries including Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Italy etc. - beginning from May 9th. Here we've got a "Making-of" of the commercial for you. When the project is released, millions of people European-wide will be confronted with a good taste of real street skating presented to them daily. Props from the whole Be-Mag crew for representing the sport we all love so well! Good job, Mr. Benet!

More PARK2 parts

PARK2 unites some of the best park skaters from all around the globe and makes them online available for free! This project is realized by a huge list of editors and filmers. Check the staff list below the videos. After releasing the Intro and the Woordward part, Denial now comes up with some more parts. Dig into the world of Rollerblading! Great collaboration.

The Interview

Who is (Brian Freeman)? Want to know more about his place with Street Artist, hip-hop, rollerblading (and skateboarding)? Check out the interview!

PARK2: Intro and Woodward now online

PARK2 unites the best park skaters from all around the globe and puts them online for free! This is not a project realized by a single person, rather a lot of people were involved in this project. Check the huge staff list below the videos. Great collaboration.

rollTogether #14

Some of you might have seen or heard of it already and for some of you this might be a big surprise. However, it's now official: rollTogether #14 will take place at the famous ZeroOneSix-skatepark in Eskilstuna (Sweden) on June 5th. We’re sure that this skatepark will be the perfect venue for our next session... a promo teaser is coming soon!

Oli Benet Shoots Barcelona

Adrien Anne is currently working on his new DVD, the sequel to Sans Pretention, featuring profiles on himself, Julien Cudot, Diego Guilloud and Roman Abrate among others. What better way to get a great headstart on the project than coming to one of Europe's most famous street skating capitals, Barcelona!

Montreal: Boutique Lylac and the Guillaume Roy Interview

We're always searching for articles to showcase the contributions that people are making for the rollerblading industry from the grassroots level. There are so many people offering so much to the industry who go unnoticed or do not get nearly as much attention as they deserve. These people are the ones responsible for spreading rollerblading to new generations and maintaining the involvement of those already participating while creating a strong network allowing the industry to be more than just a temporary flash in the “extreme sports” timeline. Here is the story of Botique Lylac, The Montreal Classic, Nimh VS Canadian Customs, The Taz Project, and Mathieu Ledoux...

Ryan Schude Interview just posted this interview with former DB photographer Ryan Schude, talking about his take on analog photography, his experiences with it in a digital world and some upcoming projects. Also check out this Be-mag Print feature in issue 34.

Jochen Smuda Interview + UCON Spring Collection Preview

UCON never ceases to amaze us with each new line. Recently we met them at Winterclash where they talked about their ideas, what has changed and where they are heading. Oh, and they also showed us all their new goods! We were, of course, really impressed with the huge new line and all the detailing and extra work they put into their products. UCON is definitely on another level with their collection, their focus on quality and their constant push to include their ideas with each new latest line. Enjoy some some pics of the new line below along with a quick interview we did with Jochen for the launch of this line. -Michael Bayr

rollTogether #13 at Skateland in Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Yeah it's time for another rollTogether session. This time we are proud to host our 13th session in Netherland's finest skatepark, the Skateland in Rotterdam. The session will take place on March 13th, starting at 1pm (13:00 Uhr). The skatepark is open until 12am (0:00 Uhr) at night and the entrance fee is 5,50€ for the whole day. Don't miss out this action.

Daniel Kinney / BCSD In-The-Know

2010 is already proving to be a big year for rollerblading! Winterclash just went down big time in Europe and Bitter Cold Showdown (BCSD) is only one week away! Are you going? Whether you are or not, enjoy this in-the-know with the one and only BCSD Founder Daniel Kinney! -B

rollTogether #13 in Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Time for another rollTogether-session. This time rollTogether is taking place in Rotterdam's Skateland, one of the best Rollerblading skateparks in Europe. Make sure you join one of our favourite event-series.