One Minute One Spot: Nils Jansons

If you've heard of Nils Jansons then you know this guy is a shredder! Simply speaking. Big tricks, lots of speed and of course, plenty of hammers. But I want to tell you a bit about Nils that you may not know. Nils is "on it". And by saying that, I mean he has found his passions and will stop at nothing to achieve or take whatever he wants from this life. He may be young, numerically speaking, but he has the patient and calm demeanor of a buddist monk. Nils is super humble and down to earth. Still what some might call a bit "out there". He is the kind of homie that you can really sit down and kick it with and ponder about life, girls, politics, blading or whatever the topic may be.

Competition Report: Karramba in Palanga, Lithuania

One more time Karramba hosted an awesome weekend at the end of May for the inline, skate, mtb and bmx riders in the summer town Palanga, Lithuania. This year riders from Latvia, Russia, United Kingdom and Denmark visited us, which counted in total more than 200 registered participants. We were glad to host the rollerblading community from Latvia, good old friends PARBMX and mtb bikes team from S-Pot. After 6 years of living, Karramba is slowly growing into an international extreme sport festival. Because of the strong network of friends, who were raised in a small seaside town on the western part of the country and who share a common passion to ride, Karramba is build around the value of friendship which keeps this event growing year after year.

Hedonskate Tour 2012 Update #3: The Last Days of the Tour

The last update ended with us fixing our car and leaving Kaunas for next stop Palanga, which was only a one hour drive. We arrived in the early evening for a session at the local park with local bladers. We gave away some free Hedonskate stuff again and just had a fun session there. The weather was pretty cold and dark despite it supposed to be summer, but we didn't care.

Hedonskate Tour 2012 Update #2: Gettin’ stuck in Kaunas!

The last update ended with us arriving in Kaunas at an awesome summer house. This is where we celebrated a national holiday - John’s day! Great house with all kinds of people hanging out. Chillin’, drinking and just having fun all night long and going to sleep when sun was already up, because this was the shortest night of the year. That sure was a fun night!