Contest Skating with Nick Lomax

Recently Nick Lomax has been tearing up the contest scene. With multiple wins over the past few months, we decided to get in contact with Nick and find out what makes him so successful, as well as his thoughts on current competitions.

Top 5: Nick Lomax

Photo by Adam Kola Nick Lomax is one of the most decorated Pro skaters to come out of the UK. The USD pro rider has constantly been pushing the...

“Powermax”: Nick Lomax Powerblading Edit

Kizer Pro rider from the UK Nick Lomax set up some Kizer Arrow Powerblading frames and put them to the test. Needless to say he put them through their passes and took them to places where they could truly unlock their potential. See the revolution of Powerblading unfold and the new doors it opens to skaters.

USD TV Best of Nick Lomax

Matty Watky presents a collection of clips from Nick Lomax filmed in 2010 and 2011. These are Nick's sickest tricks edited in three and a half minute. Hit play and enjoy!

Nick Lomax: Two Days in Brighton

After being injured for the whole summer, Nick finally felt up for his first roll to warm up the recovering leg. Filmed for a few hours over 2 days in Brighton, England. Filmed by Adam Kola and James Sharp.

Nick Lomax in Kiev – Ukraine

Great Britain's powerhouse Nick Lomax has recently attended the IRON S3T contest in Kiev - Ukraine where he took the second place. Here is a quick edit of his best tricks.

Checking in with Nick Lomax

Over the past couple years Nick Lomax has become a strong pillar in the global rolling scene. Since he took the IMYTA 2006 in Amsterdam (sharing the first place with Benny Harmanus) his career has taken an unique way and has brought him all over the globe to roll and represent his skills. Recently he got his first USD-PRO and own Undercover Signature wheel. Now it's time to - at least - have a short interview with Nick to find out what's up with im and why the heck he currently has a pin in his jaw...Read on!

USD TV: Nick Lomax Pro Skate

Here is another promo edit for Nick Lomax Pro Skate. England's posterboy shreds extaordinary. We all know that and that's why we are hammered seeing new edits of his talent.