Mason Richard – Remz Short 12/6/10 (New format)

Every new edit Mason Richard pulls out makes me feel like shit. Dude is just too damn good. Thanks to Remz for introducing the new format 'Remz Short' with Mason. This edit is only a little over 50 seconds which makes me only feel semi-shit. I still wish I didn't watch it all the way through the last trick. God damn, Mason?!

Remz view on the WRS 2010

And now here is a special Remz view on the WRS 2010 finals at Rye Airfield skatepark. As you might have seen Remz long-time pro Chris Haffey took that comp. Congrats once again from our side.

Remz OS4 – Blue edition

Remz is dropping a limited blue edition of the popular OS4! This skate has all the original features of the OS4 including Remz's brand new Open Shell...

Alex Cebrian: Remz Flowfile

Spain's greatest talent Alex Cebrian attacks the spanish streets with his "young" technical prowness. Watch out for his name. I am sure this won't be the last time it's popping up here.

Lauri Harle: Remz Flow 2010

Lauri from Helsinki (Finland) just got into Australia to study skating Down Under. Before leaving Finland he hammered out this extraordinary edit. Peep it.

Psyko’s and Remz’ way to the Last Man Standing (part 1)

Psyko Clothing just dropped us this update from their pre-sessions with Remz for the Last Man Standing competition this weekend. See what they have been up to in this edit and check the shots they sent us over. Be sure to watch out for more updates from our Be-Mag/ New York correspondents which will start rolling in soon. We will be getting you tons of content from the Last Man Standing competition this weekend, so stay tuned.

Remz at the SDSF Open 2010

Check out the Remz' view on the SDSF Open 2010. Chris Haffey and other Remz riders going big with their flawless style. Great watch.