The 2012 Be-Mag Msgboard 30+ Edit

Those handsome devils at the Be-Mag Msgboard are proud to present the 30+ 2012 edit. Enter full screen mode, crank up the volume and apologize to your neighbors and co-workers later. Got a swear jar? Keep it, and a roll of quarters, close at hand and be amazed as these dusty, crusty, cranky and sometimes lanky mother fuckers grind, air and spin their way into your hearts.

Mind The Gap retrospective

Sven Boekhorst made a bold move back in 2007 when he organized the first Mind The Gap. His new contest featured only a couple of ramps and one big gap, but it turned out to be a success. Skaters loved getting airborne and big crowds witnessed some great blading. Five years later the flying Dutchman and his friends have cruised countless miles around Europe with their ramps in tow. Sven has no intention of stopping any time soon, but he did take some time off his busy schedule to celebrate the fifth anniversary of his brainchild with us.

In Depth: Daniel Prell

Daniel Prell - what to say about him? Well, everybody knows his passion for droprails, best with a shitty runway and landing. But do you know Daniel without his skates on? Ok, that doesn’t happen that often as he shreds his local rails in nearly every weather condition and with whatever injury he has.

Maxime Genoud 2012 Edit for Rollerblade

Maxime is the Amateur winner of the Winterclash in 2012. Maxime lives in the skating mecca Lausanne, Switzerland and is proud organizer of the Lausanne Street Bowl Contest that started 2008. This year he turns 19 and he is realizing life has much to offer. -Rollerblade

Nomades Tour 2012 #3: Shredding Geneva

After suffering the assaults of unfavorable weather on the first 2 stops of the tour, we were hoping to find some good weather down south. It's June 20 and we spent the day on the road again. Torrential rain and weariness does not facilitate the task of our driver, Yannick. He must guide our small group safely to Annecy...

Nomades Tour 2012 Update #2: Blading Cologne

Once again under gray skies we left the English capital towards Dover in order to board the ferry which would take us back to the mainland. The ride was rather good; we played games and we talked about everything and nothing, laughing all the way. After crossing 5 countries and spending approximately 10 hours on the water and the road, we arrived in Germany. Cologne was the second stop of this tour, a destination that also included only one day of skating so we had to be productive.

Dave Paine talks selling out, VG history, TJ Webber, Roof Gaps and Battle My Crew

For any new school blader who doesn't know what Videogroove is, prepare to be enlightened. For old school heads who know what's up, you're in for a treat. Be-Mag took some time to connect with one of the founding fathers of aggressive skate videos and talked about a number of things ranging from the current state of blading, VG and the Battle My Crew series. Exclusive to Be-Mag, we're proud to announce that the Battle My Crew format is coming back for 2012. Read on to learn more.

Razors Spring Tour 2012

Austria, France and Switzerland are going to be blessed with some of the Razors professionals rolling through their town. The tour starts May 17th in Austria at Rolliz.

Mind the Gap Rollerblade Contest in Eindhoven, Netherlands

The third stop of the Mind the Gap Tour by SB Events, takes place in Eindhoven, Netherlands. You can attend this contest on May 25th and will take place at E-Move Eindhoven. After the Eindhoven event, Mind the Gap will continue to tour to 's Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, and Zug, Switzerland.

Mind the Gap Rollerblade Contest in Rennes, France

Mind the Gap is on its second stop of the 2012 tour. This time the Mind the Gap contest will take place in Rennes, France on May 12th and 13th. After this event during the Rennes sur Roulettes days, the Mind the Gap show will continue a month later in Eindhoven, Netherlands, 's Hertogenbosch, Netherlands and Zug, Switzerland.