A Chosen Few Milton Keynes Street Comp Report + Official Be-Mag Edit by Jordan Maders

The Chosen Few Milton Keynes Street Comp was a great event. We knew rain could be a factor and it was but it didn't matter thanks to the Bus Station Ledges. We did two spots there. 1st spot was the long T ledge. We said the whole place was open to skate for the first round but everyone sort of got stuck on this long ledge. Burston did one of the nicest true top souls ever all the way off the end cab out and Aaron Turner almost laced the 10 pound rebate trick on the ledge. The infamous true fish. With a grab, of course.

NASS Festival 2010

Our friends at Kingdom are running the inline event at the Relentless NASS festival once again and will be bringing you live updates from the fields of Somerset, UK throughout the weekend.