Xsjado Team Mix 2010 – Episode 1

This is some top-notch content coming from theConference again. Xsjado-pros like Chris Farmer, Jeff Stockwell, Damien Wilson, Ben Schwab and JC Rowe as well as different other Xsjado team riders all around the world are coming together in one single edit. Get some popcorn - it's movie time!

TheConference Türkiye Tour

From May 3rd to May 24th Jeff Stockwell and Billy O'Neill will go on a wild tour through Turkey shredding ten different cities around the country.

DVD Review: Riot

The intro to Riot is very well made, even though I think that the snowflakes – or whatever it is – that are flying around the logos of their sponsors are a bit too much. While watching the intro you get a quite nice impression of how Barcelona...

Now Playing: Shred ‘Til You’re Dead II

Thanks to postal services fucking up and my DVD player being out of order, by the time this review goes up online, you will all have watched the Shred 'Til You're Dead II video several times already. And that's just fine actually, as I won't have to tell you how good the skating is, how well it was filmed and put together by Ivan Narez, nor how amazing this whole trip seemed to be. This will only leave me with more space to focus on what makes STYD II truly unique: the book it all comes with.

Xsjado 2.0 and the Xsjado Pro Team Interview

After many passed deadlines, years of testing, research and design development the Xsjado 2.0 have finally arrived in your local skate shops. What took so long? What were the major changes? Will they make you skate as well as Stockwell and Farmer? Be-mag spoke with the Xsjado Pro team directly to find out a little bit more.

Blading With Chef Knives: Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Bleu Cheese, and Bacon

Using the empty space between my second and third wheel, I plant the groove on the edge of the step, and in one kick I'm out the driveway. Gliding on 223rd street, passing the students going to school, I give the bike lane a new name, the blade lane. I arrive at Chuck's house and we're on our way to the Wednesday morning blade ritual with genuine people that I am honored to still be blading with.