Up and Comers: Konstantin Hennis

The first time I met Konsti was on the way to ISPO Munich in 2010. Once a year we travel to this almost legendary exhibition to check out the latest products and meet some old friends again. Always when we visit Munich it is also time to meet Munich's Infernal team rider. 2010 Dario (Soller) was representing Infernal in Munich. When we met at our way to ISPO he told me that it was time for him to hand over his Infernal sponsorship to someone younger than him, to get in some fresh blood. As he wanted to keep an infernal representative in Munich he introduced Konsti to me, with the recommendation to keep an eye on him, as he was one of the rising talents from Munich. Konsti is a very nice guy, someone you like to hang out with and go for a session. He is not the type of guy looking for attention all the time. He is rolling for himself and the pure fun with an incredible smooth style. So we stayed in contact, he e-mailed me his clips and pictures and in the next summer Konsti was on the Infernal team, representing us in Munich. It's not the normal way how you get on the team, but Konsti is also not the normal skater. He’s a really cool guy with amazing skills, that's why he came to Infernal. But to keep it like Konsti, we will let his actions speak, so enjoy his clips, pics and interview.

Competition Report: Real Street Berlin 2012

It's been a few weeks now since the real Street Berlin contest went down. Daniel Prell was one of the many people who attended the event and he's given us his view on the skating, the people and the atmosphere from the weekend. Be-mag videographer Karsten Boysen pieced together five minutes of the event for your viewing pleasure.

ACHOSEN-FEW.COM – Best of Volume 1

This DVD is a compilation of ACHOSEN-FEW.COM's best videos over the last year. Including the pay per view videos as well as a new, never before seen montage. Nearly 90 minutes of the best skating around!

Best Of A Chosen Few – Compilation

A compilation of ACHOSEN-FEW.COM's best videos over the last year. Including our pay per view videos as well as a new never before seen montage. Nearly 90 minutes of the best skating around. Exclusively from ACHOSEN-FEW.COM

Guillaume Le Gentil: 1 Minute, 1 Spot

Guillaume Le Gentil , what’s in a name. This guy is not only named ‘ nice’ in French , he brings a more than nice bag of tricks to the table. Skating fast is the main ingredient. We filmed his ‘ One Minute...’ in about 30-35 minutes , on one of Amsterdams slipperiest curbs , in Osdorp. And besides handeling his business nicely he’s a pretty nice guy too.

A different view on the San Diego Blade Scene

Recently a recent guest of our city ran an article entitled “San Diego Scene Report” that ruffled a few feathers around here. His article featured very few of the skaters, industry and importance that san diego has in rollerblading. I’ve lived here my whole life and have been a part of the SD blade scene for over 15 years. So when the boys over here asked me to do the real scene report, I thought that I could do a little better, and pay some tribute to perhaps the most important city in our sport.

NIMH South America Tour part 4: Broll and outtakes from the Chinchina Contest

Here we've got some left-over footage that Jero sent in straight from South America some hours ago. Montre Livingston and John Bolino are giving interviews for the Colombian TV. The local rollers are stoked to have some of the world's most respected Rollerbladers as their guests in Colombia. The viewer, far away from the action and the pure life, is stoked as well, planning their own trip to vibrant Colombia. Check out this special tour feature.