TNS Tempe Quick Hits with Dustin Latimer

This was clearly a very special TNS as it was joined by the USD ALLSTARS including the legendary Dustin Latimer. Seeing DL back on some skates is inspiring and a great push! His style and security on Rollerblades - although he obviously didn't skate a lot recently - is impressive - plain and simple! Welcome back Dustin!

In-The-Know with Robert Guerrero

Robert Guerrero is a supporting pillar in our sport. Almost every Rollerblader out there might have come across his name. In our latest print issue Rob was spotlighted with a big interview. But this was obviously not enough. Our readers still had a lot of questions and interest for this Rollerblading icon that has enriched our sport in so many and different ways! Read on.

New German Rollerblading talent: Melvin Siemianowski

Melvin Siemianowski, the current German Amateur Champion, is coming up with a brand new edit showing his amazing talent. This young kid is churning out some cutting-edge stuff. After you have seen this edit, you'll understand why USD wanted him to join their family. Keep up skating! Maybe a new German Wunderkind?

Colombia Scene Report + Nikolas Calderon Interview

It's safe to say that what you and I take for granted isn't the reality in most of South America. We assume we can order a pair of skates online and have them shipped to our house. We assume we can see pros at a comp in our country. South America? Not so much. And yet they have one of the most vibrant scenes anywhere in the world - read on!

Denis Wolf interview

The German Rollerblading platform - - just posted up an interesting interview with Ignition's finest "Denis Wolf". Head over to their...

Oli Benet Shoots Barcelona

Adrien Anne is currently working on his new DVD, the sequel to Sans Pretention, featuring profiles on himself, Julien Cudot, Diego Guilloud and Roman Abrate among others. What better way to get a great headstart on the project than coming to one of Europe's most famous street skating capitals, Barcelona!


After the massive success of last year's event, Noiya Clothing is once again organizing its annual rollerblade jam at The House Skatepark, Sheffield....

Richie Eisler Retrospective

About a decade ago I met this guy somewhere on the streets of Regina. Where, when, and how must be as dull as the city itself, for I lack the memories. But I do hope all the other experiences and knowledge I've gained from knowing such a person will stick with me forever.

Mark Korte – Bitter Cold Showdown Interview

One of the great things about a major competition/tradeshow like Bitter Cold is that everyone is here! Pretty much every pro, up-and-coming am, and industry head is in attendance. Mark Korte, who runs things over at Powerslide and the Conference, was kind enough to sit down for a few minutes and share his thoughts on the USD All-Star Team, skate technology, and a few other topics...