One Minute, One Spot with Jeff Dalnas

On saturday July 3rd we (Gabe Holm, Andrew Smolak, Paul Yacovone, and myself) were out skating and happen to run into a few of the local RI bladers who told us about this new ledge and rail they found in India point park in Providence. So we went and checked it out, to find out it was actually a pretty dope spot. We didn't plan on making a one minute one spot edit. I was getting random clips just for the hell of it when gabe said "if you land a few more tricks, you probably could make your one minute one spot edit here". At this point I've landed handful of tricks on video, so figured why not and did a few more maneuvers and there you have it, the Jeff Dalnas One minute, one spot for be-mag.

NASS – Finals Day

Sunday saw the best blading of the weekend with the WRS Pro street finals, Goliath FInals and the RIchard Taylor best trick comp. Aragon destroyed the street course with huge tricks including a cork 7 transfer over Elvis clinching him first place. Roman Godenaire placed second with enormous spins and flips all over the place, Steve Swain came in third with a solid line of big tricks and tech grinds.

The Windy City Riot 2010

In 2010, the Windy City Riot's 9th year running, it will be bigger and crazier than ever. The purse is guaranteed to be at least $1,000 and the comp...

Mukko Realstreet X 2010

Two weeks ago the 10th edition of the Mukko Realstreet comp took place in Finland's capital, Helsinki. Finland's finest as well as different other Rollerbladers from Europe came together to battle it out for the Mukko Realstreet 2010 champion title. Check out the exclusive story by Konsta Kortteinen who is the main organizer of the Mukko competition.

SRSC Final 2010

Press release by Michael Buhl, Christian Berg, David Grant & Ronni Skovmand (Rollerblade Association Denmark)Shots by Kenneth Nguyen Once...

SRSC Final 2010

Press release by Michael Buhl, Christian Berg, David Grant & Ronni Skovmand (Rollerblade Association Denmark)Shots by Kenneth Nguyen Once...

Show of Force: The Conclusion

The Conference just posted the final edit from the Show of Force tour that hit Spain the last weeks. Definitely check this one out, lots of hammers...

Adam Zurawiecki Interview

What was your first contact to aggressive skating?Everything started in early 90's. I was fascinated with the fact that you can do skating in the...

Slam Angelo 2010 competition

Kevin Little and Champion Baumstimler are organizing the Slam Angelo 2010 competition on June 5th in San Angelo TX presented by Beluh 42 skateshop....

Show of Force Tour days 10 and 11

The USD squad keep destroying cities one bye one. They left the north and arrived in the burning heat of Madrid! No excuse for them as they already started to destroy Madrid's finest street spots.

TNS Tempe Quick Hits with Dustin Latimer

This was clearly a very special TNS as it was joined by the USD ALLSTARS including the legendary Dustin Latimer. Seeing DL back on some skates is inspiring and a great push! His style and security on Rollerblades - although he obviously didn't skate a lot recently - is impressive - plain and simple! Welcome back Dustin!

In-The-Know with Robert Guerrero

Robert Guerrero is a supporting pillar in our sport. Almost every Rollerblader out there might have come across his name. In our latest print issue Rob was spotlighted with a big interview. But this was obviously not enough. Our readers still had a lot of questions and interest for this Rollerblading icon that has enriched our sport in so many and different ways! Read on.

New German Rollerblading talent: Melvin Siemianowski

Melvin Siemianowski, the current German Amateur Champion, is coming up with a brand new edit showing his amazing talent. This young kid is churning out some cutting-edge stuff. After you have seen this edit, you'll understand why USD wanted him to join their family. Keep up skating! Maybe a new German Wunderkind?