Competition Report: PTG All Day 2013

The Polish Rolling League 2013 is coming close to its end. PTG All Day 2013 was the last event before the grand finals in Rzeszow. So it was really the last chance to gain some points for the ranking, considering the PTG All Day was a 4-star event (each event in Polish Rolling League has a rank of 1-5 stars), knowing that more than 50 contestants were divided into three categories, Juniors, Seniors and Masters!

One Minute One Spot: Aritz Ortega

My name is Mikel Artega, I have started skating with Aritz Ortega and he is one of the guys I know best. Since we were kids, his passion has always been skating. Everyday we went rolling from sun up until the sun went down. Even when he was really young, you could notice that he was going to be "someone" because he always stands out over the others. He has the "gift" and a technique that you cannot see in other skaters. He rarely fails, but when he does, he learns from it an keeps on and on. He is a really focused rider.

Competition Report: Baltic Games 2012

Baltic Games – the fifth edition of the biggest extreme sports festival in Poland. It is a huge venture with a gigantic skatepark on an international level, plenty of invited guests, and bunch of different attractions for visitors. At the same time it is another great opportunity to show blading to outsiders in a good light. What can be said about the BG 2012?

Perspectives on Winterclash 2012: Jeremy Suarez

Rollerblade rider Jeremy Suarez has been flying under the radar for quite a long time now. We're not sure why that is though. The tricks he pulls at park competitions all over Europe sure aren't the reason for this. Watch out for Jeremy at Winterclash 2012!

Perspectives on Winterclash 2012: Nicolas Schopfer

Nicolas Schopfer came in 4th place in the Am division of Winterclash 2011 and will compete Pro for the first time this year. Read on about his memories of bearded friends, the joy of last minute preparations and the urge of "keeping up with friends"...

Stephane Alfano: Forward Skatepark

Kaltik rider Stephane Alfano is killing it in the Forward Skatepark in Roeselare, Belgium. Watch him doing some of the sickest tricks and literally destroy the park.

Moscow Street Open 2011 – Official Video Report

The Moscow Street Open 2011 contest took place on September 3rd in the streets of Russian capital, Moscow city. Special guests of the event included Billy Fish and Nick Lomax. The contest format was fresh and unexplored for Russian bladers as everyone skated any preferred spot throughout the contest and participants got money for their best tricks at the afterparty the same day. 41 spots were rewarded, including crazy tricks from Nick Lomax (USD Manchester power!), Andrey Zaytsev, Grisha Mikhalitsyn and Dmitriy Tipikin (Moscow blading gurus), Vladimir Turkin (Volgograd) and Daniil Goncharov (Belgorod city, Razors flow), famous shredders from Krasnoyarsk Stas Latyntsev (K24) and Spartak Alemasov (Razors, Fifty-50, KARTELshop), Egor Loginov (KALTIK prodigy from Saint-Petersburg) and many other riders from different parts of Europe. The afterparty was memorable: all bladers gathered in one place to share their impressions and create good times while organizers took care of a hip-hop concert for all and announce the best tricks. Thanks to everyone who attended event to help or just enjoy, you know who you are! Make sure, that you don’t miss next event from Rollerclub Dist and Skaters.Ru coming February 8th 2012, right between Chaz’s Invite and Winterclash. It is going to be called “INTERNATIONAL KARTEL’ 2012”, big names from big brands are expected to be there! -Dave Bloom

Jeremy Townsend testing the new Blank Liners

Jeremy Townsend recently asked us if we were interested in hearing his opinion on the new Blank liners he just started using. Knowing how fussy Jeremy is about gear we said "Yes." Couple weeks later he hits us back up after he's completed the testing and here's what he came up with. If you're dead set on your pair of "XY brand" liners this might change after you've watched the edit.

Nicolas Schopfer: One Minute One Spot

It's a real pleasure for me to introduce the "One Minute One Spot" for my friend Nicolas Schopfer! I've known Nic for more than a decade now. I remember him skating back in the days when he was a 1,20 m tall kid skating in his blue Salomons and with his huge helmet – hence his nickname "Mushroom". From then on he never stopped skating, kept improving, always striving for perfection. He's now the great and stylish skater we all know! Thankfully Nic is always motivated for a little session. I'd say even more so now that he started editing etc. He's the one who brought me back into skating when we went to Malta after a few years break and I'm really grateful to him for everything!

High In The Park 2011 Edit by Shoyu Prod

Shoyu Prod & Kaltik Hardware present you this edit of High in the Park 2011 in Bulle, Switzerland, filmed by Shoyu Prod and Dom West. Check out Richie Eisler, Stephan De Freitas, Charly Ruckly, Dom West, Jack Neveu and Mathias Silhan skating the famous Bulle skatepark!

Estonian Agressive Inline Championships 2011

As the title already mentions, this is the 3rd open Estonian Agressive Inline Championships. This year, the event moved from Tallinn to Pärnu, the summer capital of Estonia. The contest takes place on the 18th of June in Pärnu Holiday Skatepark and begins at noon. The Estonian Agressive Inline Association would like to invite you to come and compete!

Albert Hooi: 1 Minute 1 Spot

Albert Hooi has been on USD since time began. Something about his silent assassin style makes him one of the most exclusive characters in rollerblading, and someone we are proud to have on the team. Albert’s technical skating is nothing short of mind-blowing, and watching him skate, effortlessly gliding over all obstacles almost, puts you in a state of trance.

2010 Saint Patrick’s Day Comp

The 10th annual St Patrick's weekend skate comp took place this year in Dublin City, Ireland. This year the event stretched over three days with a late night skate on Friday, a park comp on Saturday in the new Skatepark of Dublin (SOFD), and a street comp on Sunday. Joey Egan traveled all the way from Germany for the comp as well as a number of Scottish coming over for the weekend...