Psyko’s way to the Last Man Standing (part 2)

I left San Diego for Seattle one week ago and It seems like a month. Now I'm here in New York city. I would first like to give a shout out to Seattle. The 10th SBS (Street Battle Seattle) was as wild as I hoped. Big ups to Jeremy Townsend for a great contest and My Remz flow brothers Sean Cowen, Nacho, Kawika, and Josia Blee for hitting it hard to help me make an edit that will be up this week, so look for that. But now I'm in the belly of the beast.

Psyko’s and Remz’ way to the Last Man Standing (part 1)

Psyko Clothing just dropped us this update from their pre-sessions with Remz for the Last Man Standing competition this weekend. See what they have been up to in this edit and check the shots they sent us over. Be sure to watch out for more updates from our Be-Mag/ New York correspondents which will start rolling in soon. We will be getting you tons of content from the Last Man Standing competition this weekend, so stay tuned.

Barn Burner 2010

Barn Burner is an event that many hold close to their hearts; one of the season openers for the upcoming contest season. What went down this year? Read on!