Up and Comers: Sean Grossman

New York City and it's surrounding areas have always been a breeding grounds for incredible rollerblading talent. It's arguable that it could be one of the best scenes in the world. In recent years as big name talent has left the area for greener pastures and different opportunities, a new breed of Tri State talent has been getting more shine. The first person that always immediately comes to my mind when I think of New York and blading these past three years is Sean Grossman. Between countless edits of himself and others, his online video 'Peep Game', and his upcoming video 'Big Apple Blade', Sean has single handedly put himself at the forefront of New York City rollerblading media. I have loved watching Sean's progression the past few years, and couldn't be prouder to present to you supreme connoisseur, Long Island resident, style buff, and my very good friend, Sean Grossman.

Phillip Gripper: One Minute One Spot

Phillip Gripper is one of those skaters that has never gotten the shine he really deserves. Now at the ripe age of 28 years young, Phil is not only skating the best he's ever skated, but finally getting the recognition that has long been coming to him. Many people know Phil best from his years of being a counselor at Woodward. He actually taught a lot of the current up and coming names in blading how to do most of their tricks. Phil is the type of guy that knows exactly what he likes. Anything from food, to music, to skating tricks, Phil likes what he likes and doesn't compromise for anything or anyone. So when Phil told me we had to drive an extra 3 hours out of our way on a recent South Carolina trip to skate a spot in his hometown of Florence, I knew it would be worth it.

James Short Memorial Session 2011

On August 27th, 2011 the 3rd annual James Short Memorial Session went down at James’ hometown skate park in New Philadelphia, Ohio. The weather cooperated and gave us a perfect day for this outdoor event.