Goulburn Fruit Jam / WRS event

Check out this edit showcasing Australia's first WRS event in 2010, the Goulburn fruit jam. The competition uniting 36 competitors and approximately...

Jeff Dalnas profile

Here we go with a Jeff Dalnas profile taken from the Eyes On Our Eye DVD (produced by John Greene in 2007). As you can see in this edit as well as in...

Genre is Dead: Chris Majette Interview

"I wanted to start a wheel company without forcing my riders to leave their current sponsors so I started Genre to be marketed and sold separately from Denial. The first video was a lot of work but it ended up being successful and I planned to follow it up in one year. Shortly before the release of this video I lost two of my pros. Then another pro needed his footage for his skate sponsor, while another was skating less and less. There were troubles with the law, trouble with money, children, night shifts, family; nothing but drama. It seemed wrong to put out a video without a single section by our pro riders. The company changed and I apologize to all my current Denial pro riders for holding onto this footage for so long. Your skate sponsors have changed, your clothing has changed, your music tastes have changed but your footage is too good to be left unseen. ...or maybe we're just in Denial." -Majette

Brand new Ian McLeod edit

The guys from achosen-few are well known for their numerous and good edits. Here they come up with another eyecandy edit showing Ian McLeod how he...

A Grindhouse View 2009 – Intro

Usually Grindhouse produces a DVD each year uniting the talents of one of the biggest skate-teams worldwide. This year they decided not to produce...

Andy Leitermann – Scumpire

Check out this creative skating edit of Andy Leitermann who knows how to combine Rollerblading elements with Skateboarding elements. At the end of...

Boom Tour 2010

This April the Boom Tour will hit Portugal from the 8th to the 11th. Al Hooi, Ricardo Lino, Samuel Dias, Bruno Santos and many more will make sure to have a good time so be there.

The Blake Taylor Pow-Wow Interview

How could you possibly articulate the atmosphere of the Pow-Wow qualifiers? Drunken stunt blading, loosely structure chaos, southern bedlam... that is exactly how I would accurately portray my experience at the these qualifiers. An unending chorus of “hell yeahs” followed by a level of skating that could give any staple competition a run for the money (and keep in mind that this was just the qualifier event).

Roll Zine Issue 6

Fellow skater Brandon Ballog released issue 6 of Rollzine some time ago, if you haven't seen it already, go check it out. It features profiles on Chris Shields and Shane Coon. Good stuff!