Pascal Tan – One Minute One Spot

If you've ever skated in Amsterdam you have probably met Pascal. He's been one of the key elements in the cities inline community for a few years now, recently he has been stepping his game up by joining the Razors Flow team.

Jamie Stenner: One Minute One Spot

"After winning the 10 trick liner competition Michael asked me to do a "one minute - one spot" edit for the Be-Mag site, getting a good camera man ain't easy when you need one due to every one's work schedules - however, Kola came through for me, so me and my wife picked him and Welland up one Monday and hit up Henfeild on the way to Eastbourne's new park. It was a rare hot day and the park was empty so we got straight to it. I'm always nervous when filming as I don't do it on the regular and I know Kola gets down with all the dowgs... It came out all cool, hope you like it - enjoy!"