Exclusive Roskilde 2010 Documentary by Mathias von Gostomski

Like every year, Be-Mag will report live from the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. One of the most special festivals in the World will open its doors on Saturday night and next to happy vibes, beautiful people, great music and tons of stuff to do, there will also be some shows to present Inline to a wider public.

Rollerblade Europe Tour – Photo Update #2 by Robert Guerrero

I was in Italy last week and I began to do the write up for our stay in Barcelona when I somehow just deleted the whole thing. What was most interesting to me was that I wasn't mad. I mean, I felt myself start to get mad and start to react like any rational person might after doing such a thing, but this time was different. I felt like I had the option not to. I mean, it already happened, and it was by no means a conscious move towards righteousness but it was already said and done with. So after having to tell Greg and Sven about it I let it go. A pretty awesome transformation on my behalf. For myself anyways.

Keith Mew: One Minute One Spot

This spot is a school well known to most local skaters, its on 17th and Windsor in the heart of the city. There has been some recent pressure washing off wax activity here which may lead to capping, so I thought I should get some clips before the school becomes unskateable. This place is like a little skatepark, there are tons of ledges, some decent lines, weird shit in the front, and a guardrail that we cut the middle support of to skate the rail. This was shot on Sunday August 22, 2010 on a cloudy and sunny day in the always beautiful city of Vancouver.

Leon Basin: One Minute, One Spot

With this One Minute One Spot edit we want to take the chance to introduce you to the person in charge of Shop Task (Skateshop in Canada): Leon Basin. The Israel native is not only good at pushing Rollerblading in Canada through his Rollerblade-Shop. He is more than that. Leon has been rollerblading more than half of his life and has been an inspiration in terms of Rollerblading for a lot of people that skate with him. Even though Leon is a pretty busy man since he also recently opened a Shop-Task store front in Downtown Vancouver he still found some time to film some extraordinary stuff for be-mag. Peep it!

Todd McInerney Interview

If you really think about it, rollerblades are silly. But thankfully there are people who discover a piece of their spirit in these wheeled boots... and they get hooked. Rollerblading is lucky that Todd got hooked (and so am I). Although it's difficult to pinpoint what sparked Todd's lifelong interest in skating, I've often had a theory that rollerblading gave Todd something that he couldn't find anywhere else. There's nothing silly about that...

Richie Eisler Retrospective

About a decade ago I met this guy somewhere on the streets of Regina. Where, when, and how must be as dull as the city itself, for I lack the memories. But I do hope all the other experiences and knowledge I've gained from knowing such a person will stick with me forever.